Date a girl who have a boyfriend? help please!!!?

To do a short story, this is what she tell me on a e-mail when I ask her to go out whit her again on a second date.

(Hey waddup Mr. High Five. lol!

J'espere que t'as pas eu de cauchemars apres le film la derniere fois. lol! je blague. I never really got to thank you for the great time last time we chilled. It felt good hanging out with you and you seem like a really cool guy. I'd love to chill some time again. I'll let you choose something... maybe bowling or mini putting, lol, or we can just grab a coffee somewhere. But I just want to make sure that it is purely on a friendly basis cuz to tell you the truth I have a boyfriend. I really don't mind chilling with you and being friends and stuff, as long as we're on the same page. I hope that's ok with you. Saturday evening is good for me if you're down... after 6pm... but I also have to be home fairly earlier cuz I have to wake up early on Sunday (I know, it sucks!). Let me know what you think....)

If i go, this sarturday, is gonna be the second date. I meet this haitian girl a couple weeks ago in a BBQ. 2 week-end ago, we went out toogeter and go see a movie and go eat somewhere... a clasic for the first date.Everything was just fine and when I drop her to her place,no kiss.But to tell the true, I feel something for her. Not because she a haitian girl (i am a haitian boy too) but she are like a dream girl;shorty and nice looking girl, SINCERE,HONNEST, simple,smart and independant woman.Is been a couple months that I move from a french town and a BIG +, she is the first and only girl that I meet who speak french so when we talk, she really understand what im saying.Well when I talk to her,she make me laf too n she made my day. If you wanna know, nop, im not bad... I see my self like 21 old attractive young black guy and I always think luv have no age cause she only 2 years more older then me.Since im here, i try to see things a different way cause I know if i was steel in my older town, I just dont care, i just go for it cause I luv her... Boyfriend or not... At this point, I dont know what to do...

Press the gas and try some move even if I know she have a boy...

Stay friend or, just forget that lady.

P.S... Since this e-mail, I always think about a chris brown song

Ya man aint me.

So ladys, man, I need a brit lite and tell me if have a chance or no..

10 point for the andser who gonna give the light I need...

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    just do whatever you feel is right,...

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