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Accessing router setup page?

Is there a way to access my routers setup page? Unfortunately i do not remember what my user name and password is. I also don't want to reset my router because i fear for the changes I made.

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    If you do not know the username/password you set up to access your router administration page, and refuse to reset your router back to factory default - then no, there is no way to access it.

    If you fear changes you made to your router, and are not comfortable resetting your router back to factory default and resetting it up securely, call a IT professional (geek squad or your local computer shop) to send someone to your home, and reset your router and apply whatever security settings you want.

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    If you changed the password there's no way to get back into the router without resetting it. If you didn't change it, the default password is in the documentation, or post the make and model and someone who has one can post the default user name and password.

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    just go to run then type cmd and type ipconfig and then find default gateway and open up an firefox or Internet Explorer (or whateve you use) type that IP in, and hopefully you didn't change the password/username it should be admin for the username and password for the password (or it could be blank depending on your router) check your router directions it should tell you the user/password. If that doesn't workk you are going to have to reset it

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  • You will get this info on your routers web site.

    Listing your make and model would get you more info here

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