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Why not we give home schooling for our children?

In view of high cost of education and risky transportation these days, I feel it will be preferable to bring up our children at home so that we can give lot of inspiration. Morally and intellectually also we can bring him better. But the child will be missing the company of other children. There are advantages and disadvantages in adopting home schooling. What do you think about this?


Nobody has given comment about the risky transport problem these days.

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    I homeschooled my youngest daughter ,not for religious reasons, but because she had ADHD, and had a difficult time in school. She had been bullied and picked on mercilessly, and begged me not to go back. This caused a real financial hardship on us losing one income.

    We homeschooled for 3 years, and she did fine- only because I joined a homeschooling club that attended social functions at least 3x a week. We attended all functions. She was a pretty cool kid, and she felt out of place with the other HS kids. Either very religious or sheltered.

    She went back to public school when she was a freshman- by choice- and went off the deep end socially. She was drawn to all of the bad kids (most homeschooled kids are very sheltered), and we've had trouble with her ever since.

    This could be just my daughter...and I'm sure it likely is, but when they are thrown back into large social situations-like college, I believe they will have a tough time.

    Source(s): BTW- homeschooling has become so mainstream now- that socialization is just not an issue, However- that depends on the parent, and whether or not they will ALLOW the child to socialize.
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    Home schooling can work and most kids who are home schooled seem to be well educated and well behaved from my experience. Socialization skills sometimes can be a problem but there are plenty of opportunities for this other than at school. I kept my kids into all kinds of extracurricular activities in addition to some home schooling. By the time they got into public schools they were far advanced above their peers academically. This was somewhat of a problem at times but not when it came to scholarships. My son had scholarships from all over the country, Ivy League included. My daughter stayed on the honor roll as well. We did more activities as a family than most do. We participated in numerous charity events and participated in civic activities as well. Home schooling isn't for everyone. It can be expensive, a lot more than transportation to a public school or even a private school, considering the fact that someone has to stay home. It's very hard these days for a family to survive on a single income. At least on what the average job pays. Risky transportation? I assume you are talking about school buses and/or walking to school? Actually I bet statistics would show that school buses are safer than any other means. Statistically speaking anyway.

    There are advantages and disadvantages to both home, private and public schooling. Some children are better suited to one or the other. Some parents are capable and some are not. There is no right or wrong answer to this question

    Source(s): experience... My wife and I taught our children in their youth while we were both attending college. After our graduations, we all went into public education. She and I as teachers and our kids were two of the best and brightest.
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    It's a very good suggestion. But only thing is that the children might take us for granted. Given the fact that children in school do have the fear of teachers n the fear of failing ( which acts as a boost ) so they are more regular there as compared to home.

    Also I agree about the transport problem plus the number of increasing accidents. But really school is the best option as not all parents are that well educated, and it's number of fixed hours for children in form of a time table that makes them regular.

    I really like your questions " om" I was reading them in ur profile

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    Homeschooling (HS) is a personal choice. It is a wonderful option, but it needs to fit into your family and lifestyle. Some parents cannot afford it. Some do not have the patience or inclination. If you are contemplating homeschooling, it is best to read and learn as much as you can. Go to a homeschooling convention and meet others and hear what they have to say. There are many different styles of homeschooling as well as many different opinions. Personally, I have found that HS kids are much more social than non. HS kids learn to socialize with all types of people and not just their peers. They attend activities with other HS and also non-HS like sports, music, and dance. Children miss the company of other children only if you let them. Homeschool does not mean the child is at home all day. Far from it! Ever heard of carschooling?

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    Transportation will always be a risk. No matter where you go. People can get run over coming home from work get mugged on the way to the shops.

    But the benefits of a well rounded and whole education at a proper school far outweigh the risks of transportation.

    As for having a moral and intellectual influence, you can still do that with your child even if they go to a normal school. Sit and talk to them about their views, share your own and through having an whole and open relationship you can be just as close.

    If you look at the pros and cons, it is clear the home schooling is not the answer. Leave the educating to the trained and knowledgeable educators.

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    Education is expensive because there aren't a lot of good teachers, and it takes a lot of time and effort to effectively educate a child. A solution that involves teaching every child individually is going to be hindered by those problems far more dramatically than the current situation.

    I haven't commented on the risk of transportation because I don't know what you're talking about. Where I live (Adelaide, South Australia) it isn't considered particularly risky to transport a child to school. The situation may be different where you are, but I really can't comment on that.

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    Yes, there are definitely pros and cons to both sides. Keep in mind though, that not all parents would be capable of providing the necessary education. Perhaps their own education or intellectual abilties are lacking. Also, don't forget that homeschooling requires a parent to be at home. In this economy, very few families can afford to have a parent stay home.

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    I wish I could have been home schooled when I was in high school and growing up. Home schooled children turn out to be very smart. I hated the high school I went to. If anything, I wish I could have changed high schools that I went to.

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    I also thought about that once, what is the need of sending little kids to school daily and rushing for school buses, then to pick them up, the child gets so tired and so many school problems are there, why not we educate the child at home, and he read books at home, study various subjects by parents, otherwise also they get homework which the parents teach, so the child will get education in safe envt. and free. then after 9th, child can be admitted to an open school for further degrees, then for college also correspondence option is there.

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    Who do you propose stay home and home school the children? In our family both adults have to work in order to put food on the table. So how is home schooling any solution to anything?

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