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I signed up for the home phone service but I was a bit confused about one thing as there was a language barrier between me and the telerep. I understand that Yak will contact my current phone provider to hook up the service, but is Yak a phone service on their own? Or do they just provide the features and long distance? I don't want to pay two seperate phone companies per month (My current one + Yak). Does anyone know how it works?

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    Yak is best known for their 1010-YAK (1010-925) "dial around" long distance calling service. By dialing the 1010-925 number, you bypass your local telco long distgance lines, and Yak places the calls and bills you through your local telco monthly bill. So in this case, you would still receive regular phone bills from your usual telco phone bill. The 1010-925 dial-around calls just show up as a long distance call line-item on the monthly local telco phone bill.

    Yak also provides "dedicated long distance service". In which case Yak makes arrangements with the ILEC to re-route all international and 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx calls through Yak's service. I believe in this case you would receive your long distance bills directly from Yak.

    But, Yak also provides a full range of CLEC (competative local exchange carrier) phone services. So, they can become your local CLEC phone service provider.

    It sounds like you may have arranged for Yak to replace your existing ILEC (incumbent local exchange carrier) as your local telecom carrier.

    In this case, you will be billed directly by Yak Communications.

    You should call them back to clarify exactly who is your carrier, who is providing your local service, who is providing your long distance service, and how the billing will work.

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    Yak Long Distance

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