Landlord-tenant relationship in Indiana?

I've been doing research on Indiana evictions because my husband & his sister are wanting to evict their mom's abusive boyfriend from her home. They got guardianship over her last week so they can now legally ask him to vacate but what i've been trying to figure out is whether or not their is even a landlord-tenant relationship since he's never paid rent, he doesn't & has never had their permission to live there, & he was told verbally that they don't want him there. In Indiana we wouldn't have to give him a notice to vacate if there's no landlord-tenant relationship but i can't figure out what is legally considered a landlord-tenant relationship in Indiana. Thanks for any help anyone can give me!


Thank you Ed Atun. He has never paid any rent or any bills, in fact he's actually taken money from my MIL so some of her bills weren't even getting paid because of him. We have thought of paying him to leave since all he cares about is how much money he can get off of someone. Thanks again, your answer helped alot!

Update 2:

Maybe i should have given some more details concerning my MIL. Her kids didn't decide to get "bossy" with her or her boyfriend but she's not mentally competant & her boyfriend is taking advantage of that. She had a major stoke last year & isn't all there mentally. This man has only been in the house for 3 months & has already hit her 2 times that we know of & threatened to kill her & destroy her house & has scammed her out of a lot of money. The police haven't been able to help because she refused to press charges against him for hitting her. That's why my husband & SIL got guardianship over their mom. They are just trying to protect their mom. Now we are just trying to get him out of the house as easily & quickly as possible before he goes through with his threats. Sorry this was so long but i thought i should explain things a little better.

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    Unfortantly Ed has no idea what he is talking about.

    This guy is not a "guest", you are talking about his home, his legal residence.

    She let him in, before the kids got bossy, he has pretty iron clad rights. He does not need their permission to live with his girlfriend.

    This is not a landlord/tenant relationship, it is two people sharing a home.

    You are going to need a lawyer to get him out, but it is more then likely not going to be possible. It would be just as hard for him to try and throw her is not going to happen without a court order.

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    anyone who is allowed to move into your home must go through the eviction process, verbals don't count. start it as soon as possible it can take a while. If he is abusive get a restraining order that would be quick and or contact your local Adult Protective Services for more info.

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    a million. you're no longer responsible for the wear to her roof. If she tries to take your protection deposit to pay for it, deliver her an approved letter telling her which you're no longer legally responsible for the damages and that she does not have the authority to misappropriate those money. 2. Licensing is a troublesome project. She might might desire to be approved and perhaps no longer; it relies upon on the interior of sight ordinances. the actual incontrovertible fact that she lives there besides frequently relaxes those standards for licensing; the thought being that someone does not stay in an dangerous difficulty themselves and protection is the biggest difficulty with that licensing. As for inspections, there could be a call for for no longer ordinary under pressure smoke detectors, yet this is approximately it. 3. As for the stairs, the place you have placed the well-being kit to block her direction. Does that stairway circulate everywhere different than between her unit and yours, or does she have exterior get entry to with the aid of that stairwell? in case you have not got a non-end unit, that may not a valid apartment unit. you may desire to be able to fasten your doors. There are subject concerns with permitting the owner get entry to, yet she should not be able to easily stroll out of her unit and into yours. If that stairwell does not circulate everywhere different than up on your room, placed a doorstop interior the door out of your section or set up a small lock. If that stairwell constitutes egress (get entry to to outdoors, to flee an emergency), then you incredibly can not lock or block her door in any way. additionally, you are able to no longer block a stairwell offering egress besides, so circulate that kit. 4. in no way, ever, circulate away your door unlocked. supply her a key and say that if emergency upkeep might desire to be made, she would be in a position to get entry to your condominium in this occasion. 5. enable the Humane Society project circulate, this is in simple terms stupid. Thats involved by now.

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    He is considered a guest. But if he could produce a cancelled check for any home improvement or a utility bill, that could complicate matters. I would bribe him to leave. Whatever it takes in cash to get his key.

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    your mom is his landlord. what is the arrangement they had? if you now have guardianship of mom, you are taking over all her affairs. you probably can evict him. ask the lawyer you had to arrange the guardianship to help you. take your mom out of the situation bring her to live with you for awhile so he can't abuse her. good luck

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