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For those who support Russia in the Georgia/Russian conflict?

Let me ask you this if America started recognizing Quebec Canada as a independent nation but the rest of the world said it was still part of Canada. Now America stars backing Rebels within Quebec and gives them all citizenships now the Canadian government response troops in to fight the rebals. Nrebelsrica in responce send in troops to protect its citizens as we would put it......

Now if you learn the conflict this is basically what is happening but I replaced Georgia with Canada andn Russia with America of corse would you support the US action in this? and if not why not? and also why is it you would not support America in this if you support Russia?

BTW Quebec does want to seprate from Canada jsut so you know so we could really do someting like this.....


Btw were it says Nrebelsrica up top it should say America don't know what happened....

Update 2:

I do no think that Russia was jsutified in any way shape or forme....

Update 3:

Qubec did vote for independance and as far as I know it passed but the world still hasn;'t reconised them so again do we have the right to do what the Russians did?

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    South Ossetia and Abkhazia voted for independence after years of armed conflict with occupying Georgian Forces

    I would have thought the US and NATO would be down with the breakaway's Just like they are with east timor and Kosovo.

    If Quebec rises up and votes for independence from Canada why would a country like the US not support them??


    and to be fair

    Georgia started bombing Russian Peacekeepers first

    You can't just bomb peacekeepers without expecting trouble. Russia, being the peacekeepers had the obligation to ensure Georgian Forces were well and truely beat before they went back to peacekeeping

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    i don't think of it fairly is that straightforward truthfully. that's not a conflict that befell abruptly and has a background going lower back to the ninety's. Technically, Georgia struck first via attempting to take Ossetia. I have not got any doubt that Russia has ulterior reasons for going into Georgia, jointly with an oil pipeline and that the area is the breadbasket of Russia, and that this reaction may be disproportionate, yet i don't sense that Russia is inevitably out to triumph over all their neighboring provinces the two.

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    to say the truth i dont really know how are things with Canada and America, but i know how it works here in Georgia

    Abkhazia and South Ossetia are the territories of Georgia and Georgia entered the soviet Union that territories were included, after the Soviet Union was ruined Russias has been provoking them to declare independance. if not Russia everything wld be all right, but Russia is always like that, better ruin the countries into peaces and then invade ..

    South Ossetia is the name Russians called it, the Origin name id Samachablo, they invented it on purpose as to make it easier to connect South Ossetian( on the territory of Georgia) to the North Ossetia( that is on the territory of Russia)

    simple as that

    and as the west and the europe side Georgia, it doenst mean they oipy Georgians they just know whats it all about, the first was Georgia and the next cld be any soviet country, Ukrain is most probable..

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    Your analogy is a bit off.

    In your scenario, American troops would ignore a foreign-negotiated ceasefire and continue to occupy and advance on Canadian land after their alleged goals have been met.

    However, getting back to the issue... I believe that Russia was justified in their initial actions, but they went waaay to far with it. There's no need to advance in to other parts Georgian territory when they've already crushed the Georgian military and proved their point within about a span of two days.

    The Russians have ulterior motives...

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    Well we are not truly in any sort of moral position to tell other countries that invading other sovereign nations is not a good thing are we. Do I think Russia has a hidden agenda in Georgia, oh yeah there is no doubt, but does anyone truly believe we went in to Iraq for the sole and only purpose of spreading democracy? The game of world politics is not a do as I say not as I do type of event.

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    in 90's Abkhavzs and ossetians held ethnic cleansing against Georgians and made them to leave this regions where georgians have been living for thousand of years. georgians were majority of Population of abkhazia and S. osetia before ethnic ccleansingin 90's. Now when separatists declare independence none of rarationalountries will recognise it after etyhnic cleansing made against Georgians!

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