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Anonymous asked in PetsRodents · 1 decade ago

How do you build a Homemade hamster cage??

I know you need a bin and a drill for the holes but where yould you get the wire and how do you attatch it?

I live in canada...btw

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I just made a hamster cage like last week, so I have some pointers and such.

    So, first you get your rubbermaid bin, and I recommend one with the clasping handles.

    Take the lid, and what I did was get my dad to drill a hole in each corner, and then get his jigsaw (or something like that) and connected all four holes, taking out the middle. (You could also use some really good heavy duty scissors instead of the saw, I guess.)

    Once the lid has the empty space in it, get some wire mesh (available at Canadian Tire or Home Depot) and hot glue it down to the outside rim of what you have left on your lid. Once it's secure, I put an extra band of duct tape over the edges just in case.

    And that's about it...


    Don't use nylon mesh. My hamster already gnawed through that and escaped (even through two layers).

    And remember not to cut out the entire middle space on your lid, you need some edge to glue down the wire mesh.

    Also, if my instructions don't help too much, good websites with step by step instructions:

    Youtube probably has some videos on it too.

    Hope I helped!

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to a hardware store, farm feed supply store or order from McMaster Carr online and purchase small square wire cloth aka "rabbit wire" that was soldered together at the intersect. Chicken wire holes are to large and the wire is less supportive. You will then need to build a wood frame around the wire cloth or else the hamster will chew through the wood or plastic.

    I recommend building a Hamster cage and connecting it to a fish aquarium like this:

    I use a 10 gallon tank with a wire lid on top that the store said a hamster had never escaped from. I have had it in there for a long time and it has never escaped. You don't need a fancy cage. You just need something that will hold it.

    buy an aquarium and get a attach on top wire cage my hammy loves hers!

    Well you cannot make it out of plastic or wood. Hamsters chew constantly to wear down the constantly growing teeth, and wood or plastic will be gone in no time. That leaves metal, glass, stone or ceramic. You could weave a cage from thin metal bars or strips. You could get a metal box or barrel and drill hundreds of holes into it. A glass aquarium can be used. You can personalize it by building him a play gym , ladders, wheels, etc. in the cage. Stone could be hollowed out to make a natural living area. Limestone will be soft, but also brittle. Use an angle grinder to gradually make a hollow in a large piece of limestone. Cover it with a metal grill. Ceramics can be molded. See if you can find a hobby shop with ceramic molds, and look for a bowl, cylinder or box shape. You can cut the ceramic with special ceramic cutting blades used in a circular saw. Good luck on your ambitious project!!

    materials used, must be non toxic materials. Use animal friendly material, and safe metals, but it will be better to buy hamster items from well known companies, like,pet co, or brands of habitrail.

    Or another idea is it just buy one at petco or petsmart but u might be able to find one at a garage sale for cheap

    Now, your hamster cage should be on a table. This is to stop vibrations from traveling through the floor and frightening the poor thing. Your cage should also have smooth surfaces. If your cage material is like a fence your hamster can simply climb up the wall and be gone within 5 mins. Also I recommend that when cleaning the cage, you line the floor with spread out newspaper. This is to stop the floor getting dirty with poop and you having to clean it every time!

    You can build or buy a hamster cage suitable in size for the number of hamsters you have. Hamster cages usually come with a few things like a shelf, exercise wheels, bowls and hide boxes.

    Choose or build a hamster cage with a solid bottom and a depth of at least two inches or more. This will provide ample space and depth for bedding which allows the hamster to burrow. All purpose aquariums also make good hamster homes.

    Consider using PVC pipe thickness has to be schedule 80 al the way to 180 so that it's thick enough to resist their chewing and then connect the cage or aquarium together. These pipes can fit on top of any 10 gallon aquarium.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    The wire you can get at a hardware store or a farm store. I thought about taking a ferret cage(medium size) and wrapping it with wire, bottom to and using it

    Source(s): built one for mice out of wire
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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    When I buy salad, I always get it in a tub. I LOVE salad, so I constantly have these tubs. They are rather thin plastic, but you COULD try poking a couple air holes all over the box. (The bigger, the better) and line the bottom with carefresh. For the water bottle, I recommend the kinds that stand up on the floor and get it a tiny silent wheel and preferably a little box with a hole in it so they could hideaway. The bottle and box- you can buy at the pet store in the accessories part. for the silent wheel- it is the best, and you may want to invest in one of those balls they run in. ALSO carefresh does get a bit pricey- so instead, you could line the bottom with newspaper and shredded tissue/ toilet paper. you can get the salad box at: the market costco .... have fun with ur hamster!!!!!

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