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Does NBC have a political bias?

You know how people saw FOX news is very republican, does NBC and the other news stations have a bias?


So NBC=Democrat, what about ABC and CBS?

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    NBC is for Democrats and has been that way for the last 15-20 yrs

    Blue Collar for McCain

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    There have been a number of independent studies lately that have rated the stories on the broadcast and cable networks.

    They have found bias and NBC is the worst offender.

    The problem is that their cable channel has made the decision to become a liberal voice.

    That would be OK if they clearly identified themselves as such.

    They should make no pretensions of being "objective."

    The network however tries to remain objective but the network journalists are being asked to appear on the cable channel which is not objective.

    The journalists think that it compromises their integrity.

    There have been open arguments on the air lately between cable channel hosts and one cable guy said off-air that he wanted to throw Browkaw "off the roof" of the building because he won't play along with the left wing stuff of Olberman, Matthews and others.

    The Washington Post is reporting that the straight news journalists are increasingly rebelling over campaign coverage.

    Interestingly, FOX, the network lefties love to bash, is getting the highest marks for fairness with more and more Democrats appearing regularly.

    Pew found that their audience is now 33% Democrats, 39% Republicans and the rest Independents.

    Gov, Ed Rendell of PA, who appears on FOX regularly, says flat out that the media this year has been "embarrassing" except for FOX.

    The audiences of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, etc. are now 70% or more Obama supporters because everyone else has had enough and abandoned them.

    They're sick of hearing about Obama.

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    I believe nbc is anti Republican and i like that because after Nixon and the two Bush white houses and the ternimator in California I am also anti Republican!

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    Well, it must be understood that certain individuals on the right of the American political spectrum consider anything to the left of the right wing to be "liberal" or "leftist".

    Now having said that there are moderate conservatives, who have steadfast conservative beliefs yet are at least open to debating the issues fairly.

    NBC in my opinion is centrist. They present the issues fairly enough. They even take a center-right slant at times, in spite of being called liberal by the neocon media.

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    You bet it does.

    Maher: Matthews and Olbermann 'Were Ready to Have Sex' w/ Obama


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    cbsnbcabccnn what's the difference?

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