Why is it OK for Palin's dtr to be pregnant?

Personally I don't care about her kids having kids BUT...

...Americans know darned well that if Obama's children were old enough and had children out of wedlock, they would be all over that; saying things like:"How can Obama lead the country if he can't control his own kids?"--But for Palin they are condoning it, saying things like: "It sounds like an American family to me." People here are so full of sh*t.

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    YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RIGHT!. I know that the Republicans would have a field day with it if one of Obama's daughters pregnant. This is the same party who preaches purity politics, they want to control what I teach my child about sex education and they have the nerve to point the finger when others have illegitimate children, and yet, if it happens to one of their own---it is okay.....all of a sudden, when that illegitimate child belongs to a Republican---it is an "American" family...This is the same party who pushed for pro marriage education and funding for abstinence education in the welfare reform that took place in the nineties. This is the disgusting side of politics.

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    Because propagandists are liars and hypocrites. You are absolutely right that the Republican machine would have a field day with an illegitimate baby in Obama or Biden's family, but the people defending Palin have either convinced themselves that she is a saint who can be excused for anything or are hiding their disapproval behind their happy talk.

    On the one hand it sickens me to see such hypocrisy, but on the other hand it's satisfying to see the hypocrisy of these sanctimonious and hateful people exposed.

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    You know and I know if this was a Democratic candidate, the GOP would be foaming at the mouth. The current response by Obama is exactly right: it's a family matter and shouldn't be a political issue.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm not so sure. New York Governor David Paterson (a Democrat) has admitted to having extramarital affairs; I never heard anyone say, "How can Paterson lead a state if he can't control himself?"

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