what are some recommend novels for teens?

i'm sorta into the genre of books by meg cabot, stephenie meyers, gossip girls series...


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    This is part of a list from my website.

    Philippa Gregory:

    The Other Boleyn Girl - Mary Boleyn comes to court at the age of fourteen and is noticed by Henry VIII. She basks in her role as unofficial queen until Henry begins to lose interest in her and turns to her sister, Anne.

    Tracy Chevalier:

    Girl With a Pearl Earring - The year is 1664 and 16 year old Griet has been forced by family circumstances to take a job as a maid in the home of the Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer. We learn much about Holland at that time, but also about the manner in which painters created their own paints and went about their work. As Vermeer explains to Griet, clouds aren't really white. In the future, you will wonder about the story behind each work of art.

    Mitch Albom:

    The Five People You Meet in Heaven; Tuesdays With Morrie; and For One More Day.

    J. D. Salinger: Catcher in the Rye

    Betty Smith:

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Coming of Age Novel)

    John Knowles: A Separate Peace

    John Gunther:

    Death Be Not Proud (A memoir about the death of his son)

    Amy Tan: The Joy Luck Club - This is a wonderful look at Chinese culture as told by four Chinese women and their American daughters.

    Maya Angelou: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

    Alice Sebold: The Lovely Bones (Rape/murder)

    Jay Asher: Thirteen Reasons Why (Suicide)

    S. E. Hinton (a.k.a. Susan Eloise Hinton):

    The Outsiders; Rumble Fish; Tex; That Was Then, This is Now; Taming the Star Runner; and Some of Tim's Stories

    Lois Lowry:

    The Giver, Gathering Blue, and Messenger (Fantasies)

    Scott Westerfeld:

    Uglies - Tally is anticipating her 16th birthday when she will undergo an operation to make her unbelievably gorgeous. Her friend Shay isn't interested in having the operation and takes off. Tally is forced to make a choice: locate Shay and turn her in or remain ugly.

    Sequels: Pretties, Specials, and Extras

    Libba Bray:

    A Great and Terrible Beauty - Gemma Doyle grew up in India, but after the death of her mother the 16 year old is sent to Spence Academy in London. It is the Victorian Age and these young ladies are being trained for their future roles as wives to men they may not want to marry. As so many have experienced, initially she is an unwelcome outsider. Eventually, she makes friends with three girls and together they explore Gemma's supernatural powers and a group known as the Order. (Fantasy)

    Sequels: Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing

    Audrey Niffenegger: The Time Traveler's Wife (Fantasy)

    Alice Hoffman: Green Angel (Fantasy)

    Lisa McMann:

    Wake - Janie discovered when she was 8 years old that if someone nearby began to dream she was pulled unwillingly into that dream. She has always hated the falling dreams, and those where someone is naked in public, and the steamy sex dreams, but this latest dream is the worst. (Fantasy) Fade (The sequel - to be released February 2009)

    Stephen Chbosky: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    Carolyn Mackler:

    The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things

    Sue Monk Kidd:

    The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair

    Jodi Picoult:

    My Sister's Keeper - By age 13 Anna had undergone far too many surgeries, transfusions, and injections though she is not ill. Anna's parents chose to produce a baby they hoped would be a donor match for their daughter Kate who suffered from leukemia. Now the teenage Anna rebels against the role that has been forced upon her though it could mean the death of her sister.

    Nineteen Minutes (A Columbine Like Incident), The Pact (A suicide pact), Vanishing Acts, and Change of Heart

    Sarah Dessen:

    Lock and Key - Ruby has been living alone in the farmhouse since her mother abandoned her, but when this is discovered she is sent to live with her sister Cora who she has not seen in about 10 years. Cora's husband Jamie is an extremely successful founder of a popular networking site on the Web. A nice large house, private school, new clothes, and a promise for the future are quite an adjustment to make.

    Just Listen - Annabel Greene is the youngest of three very different sisters. She has had a very bad summer and must now return to school. She has never been so lonely or so sad, yet she must face each day. As she has her own problems to confront, her entire family is dealing with issues that plague her sister, Whitney. By circumstance, Annabel and Owen, whose life revolves around music, become friends. It is Owen who will help Annabel to meet certain challenges.

    The Truth About Forever - Macy's father has recently died and she is feeling guilty. Her mother isn't coping with his death well at all. Macy's boyfriend, Jason, represents security, but frankly he is a clueless jerk. It might have been a very long summer, but then by chance Macy meets an interesting group of people. I loved everyone in the Wish Catering crew, but most especially Wes. No matter the dif

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    You can read YA novels that are well written, you know. Why not branch out a little? Here are some novels I liked when I was a teen (and believe me, I was a huge fan of trashy novels, too):

    -Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli: Stargirl Caraway is weird—she wears kimonos and pioneer dresses to school. But Leo Borlock can’t look away, and he is forced to deal with his own prejudices and the feelings he has for Stargirl. If you liked the Princess Diaries, you are sure to enjoy this, too.

    -The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold: Susie Salmon is just 13 years old when she is brutally murdered. She decides to look down at her family and friends from heaven to see how they cope with her death, and how over the years, though they may not consciously acknowledge her death, the pain of the loss never goes away.

    -A Wrinkle In Time by Madeline L'Engle: Meg Murry's father disappeared several years ago, and while Mrs. Murry believes that he is coming back, the rest of the town thinks otherwise. Meg and her brother Charles Wallace, plus Meg's new crush, go on a hunt to discover what happened to her father. This takes them on an interplanetary journey where they are part of a fight between good and evil, primarily the good that comes from love and joy versus the evil that comes from cruelty and isolation.

    -Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier: Set during the Civil War, this is an epic love story. Inman, a Confederate soldier, deserts the army in hopes of finding his love, Ada. The novel recounts the parallel lives of Inman and Ada, Inman in his long journey to Ada, and Ada, longing for Inman while struggling to take care of the farmland that she inherited from her late father.

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    The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening is the 1st books in one in all L. J. Smith's early series, The Vampire Diaries, and replaced into first revealed back interior the early 90s. This series is without doubt one in all the greater acceptable teenager horror ones. Leaving a minimum of quite a few the formulation in the back of, #a million The Awakening instruments up the main characters and the middle love triangle: vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, whose combat over youthful vampire Katherine in Renassaince Italy brought about their turning, and Elena Gilbert, the human extreme college lady which will renew their centuries-previous feud. exceedingly reccomend for horror and vampire followers.

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    i think this books is called "Popular" by Meg Cabot (not sure but read it before)

    "Monster" by Walter Dean Myers

    "Perfect" by Natasha Friend

    these are just some of my favorites and i'm a teen!!

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