im having a halloween birthday party can anyon ehelp (games, snacks ,decore)?

i need help please help il give 10 points to who ever gives the best answer

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    i had an awesome halloweeen party last year soem things u should do is get some black and orange streamers and put them up all over the place. Then go to the dollar store and get some like plastic skelotons and pumpkins. some games u can play is like remember the name and you go around in a circle and u all have to say something that relates to halloween and everyone has to remember what everyone said. Food is real easy you could make some chicken fingers and call them witch fingers or get some cream soda its blood and get just some easy snaks and name them scary things. i hope i helped and good luck with your party!!:)

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    Yeah for some reason this is hard to discover good occasion techniques. in case you're turning 14 that problably skill you're going into highschool astounding? Make it a decrease back to college occasion kind ingredient. this is often exciting getting to nicely known your female friends too. Theres a exciting game the place you opt on a can of whip cream or that cheesy spray stuff. a woman will carry the can and say something they have in no way finished like "i've got in no way kissed a guy" or something like that, all of us who has kissed a guy then, has to chug regardless of it grew to become into you picked for a number of seconds. Then somebody else will say something they have in no way finished. this is an excellent number of exciting easily. you additionally could make it somewhat humorous too, yet beware it may get messy : )

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