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Fixing computer problem of distorted desktop screen?

Will you help me solve my computer problem? Screen icons are highlighted and there's a black area near the right side. This happened a few weeks ago while I was attempting to allow an Active X control for a "Wonder How-To" video. As it was loading, I saw the screen changing: my icons became highlighted and a black area shaped like hydro pole showed up on the right side of the screen. The control didn't load properly, so I deleted it on Add/Remove Programs. However, every time I start up my computer, my screen still looks like that. Any suggestions?

- responder


I have no transportation, so I can't take the entire computer system to a store to fix it. This is the desktop monitor screen I am referring to.

Update 2:

It's the computer monitor screen, showing the desktop with all of the icons. It's not the little task bar at the bottom of the monitor screen.

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    Sounds like a desktop hijacker. Download Spybot search and destroy.

    Once you download it make sure you update it and then run it on your computer manually.

    To see what a desktop hijacker looks like:


    go to start, all programs, accessories, system tools, system restore, (once restore window opens) click next, click on the date 2 or 3 days prior to the incident, click next, click next again. And that will restore your desktop.

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    go onto face-book or some other picture sharing site, press [prt scr] (print screen) open paint and paste in there, upload the picture to the picture sharing site, and it would give a better idea of what has happened.


    I think the black area is the windows task bar?

    Open internet explorer, press [alt] and go to tools, internet options, Programs, then manage add-on's, find the one or delete them all.

    shouldnt make a diffrence if you need to use them again in a site, you will be asked to install them again.

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  • couty
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    i anticipate you're working homestead windows, right here. click with the final suited mouse button everywhere on your laptop historic past and choose "customize" (on Vista) or "residences" (on XP). Then click the link (Vista) or tab (XP) that asserts "reveal Settings", and attempt to % bigger resolutions. the project is that television displays, while they at the instant are not HD, at the instant are not even a million/2 as reliable as seen reveal unit (you probably observed which you should no longer study a million/2 a letter on there). So your computer only variations the alternative immediately to handle. All you should do is desperate it returned to ordinary.

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  • Kelly
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    Just go to a store and get it fixed.

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