How To Uninstall Windows Internet Exployer 8 BETA?

How do I uninstall Windows Beta version of Internet Explorer 8 from my system. I go to Control Panel and then the uninstall area, but can not find the program. what should I look for.

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    1 decade ago
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    Internet Explorer 8 BETA 2, has a lot of problems with it, one of the problems is the zoom, you might want to include which operating system you are using so we can help you better. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista you can go to start, on the right side of the start menu look for control panel, click it, look down for programs, click unisntall a program, this option is under the programs label, once you are there you will see a list of programs you are using, Internet Explorer 8 should be there, if not than you can look at the left hand side and click the view installed updates thing, once you clicked it a list with updates will come up, scroll down to where it says Microsoft Windows, look for Internet Explorer 8 in that category, than click on it twice and it should begin to uninstall. When it is finished uninstalling, it will tell you to restart, do it. When you log back in, Internet Explorer 7 will be back.

    For Windows XP Users: Click the Start Button and select Control Panel.Select Add or Remove Programs. Find and select Windows Internet Explorer 8 from the list of available applications.Click the Remove button. Restart your system.

    -Internet Explorer

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    4 years ago

    My Face e book does now no longer paintings with detect 8 Beta 2. don't understand why MS has to make each ingredient so complicated. I additionally reverted shrink back to Explorer 7. It replaced into there in my administration Panel, double study in line with hazard with the up dates. study the "practice Updates" container indoors the suitable suited corner. ? administration Panel ? upload/get rid of classes ? Clicked on Explorer 8 & then get rid of. attempt Google Chrome is an fairly common common to maintain on with Browser. »»»

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