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703/704 ops? What is the difference?

The company I work for is always talking about not adding another larger aircraft to their fleet because tehy don't want to have to comply with 704 ops. But what exactly are 703 and 704 ops? And where can i find mroe info on them . . . I've been searching the Transport Canada site forever!

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    The rules are more stringent for 704 operations which are any commercial operations carrying passengers or freight including

    " a multi-engined aeroplane that has a MCTOW of 8 618 kg (19,000 pounds) or less and a seating configuration, excluding pilot seats, of 10 to 19 inclusive;

    (b) a turbo-jet-powered aeroplane that has a maximum zero fuel weight of 22 680 kg (50,000 pounds) or less and for which a Canadian type certificate has been issued authorizing the transport of not more than 19 passengers;

    (b.1) a multi-engined helicopter with a seating configuration, excluding pilot seats, of 10 to 19 inclusive, unless it is certified for operation with one pilot and operated under VFR"

    Check the links below to learn more!

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    Presumably they don't want to have to qualify their pilots and apply for authorization certificates for anything under 704 Ops Specs listed there. Makes sense, I bet some of the operating certificates are terrible to get from Transport Canada.

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