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2003 VW Jetta Auto Tranny GLS.?

I own this car above it has 143,000 kms on it. I bought it 1 and a half years ago with 115,000 kms. I haven't had the tranny fluid checked. I always take it to the dealership for changes and they never say anything. My transmission is acting and has been for sometime. I know VW says they have lifetime ATF in the car, and you cannot check it on your own, you need a special tool.

My question is does this really mean you shouldn't get your ATF checked or changed? If so after how many KM's does the car need to have for a change?

Symptoms include: (1) When going from park to drive the car waits to go into gear and often clunks into the drive gear.

(2) It shifts very hard and I think I am feeling it slip.

P.S. the car is on warranty

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    that's it BS. There's no such thing as lifetime ATF. They did the same thing for Audi and guess what their tranny starts dying when there were only 50k on it.

    change transmission fluid every 30k to be on the safe time.

    BTW, MK4 Jetta/Golf/Beetle have one of the worst auto tranny in the industry.

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    The dealer can change the fluid and filter but your transmission is already damaged and needs to be rebuilt or replaced- both are very expensive. It's nice that you have a warranty but I've seen many after market warranty companies that pay next to nothing.

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