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How long should i wait to date again?

So my girlfriend broke up with me two months ago after half a year of being together and now i think i like this other girl but i don't know if it's just my mind trying to replace my old girlfriend, so how long would you reccomend waiting before dating after a breakup? I want to be sure that i'm over my old girlfriend before i date another girl again so how long and also any advice on how to get over her? Whenever i see her flirting it irritates me and i don't want it to. Also is it normal for two months after breakup for a girl to really start flirting with one of her other old boyfriends. Like they spend all their time on breaks at school together and in class she always HAS to sit right in front of them and she always puffs her chest up and tilts her head back really flirty so that if he makes contact with her then he pretty much has to look down her shirt and right into her bra (she has a fairly big chest), so is it normal for girls to do that? And in class when we're reading she always lets him rest his head on her arm then she rests her head on his head (especially is it normal in the presence of her ex).

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    its usually a couple of months before ppl start to date again and that is completely natural what you are going through, just inform whoever you are dating that you wanna take things slow and not rush into anything because im sure that you dont wanna have a rebound relationship, they never work. and im pretty sure that shes still thinking about you 2 because by flirting like that is just to cover up hurt. but its okay to date, just have fun with it and it will help you to feel better. and you never know, you dating someone else, may cause your ex to want you back.

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    Ummm. it depends on the time (it could be long or short) you're in love with someone else again. Note that the word BREAKUP in your question is not for BAD GUYS/ GIRLS because they don't need to breakup from a relationship before dating someone else.

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