Why did my wireless laptop stop working all of a sudden? I can't access the internet with it?

It was like that for a weeks when I tried again and it worked for a couple of days then within a day I couldn't get on the net again. I tried turning the router on and off with no luck. My desktop runs fine though.

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    Well, make sure you can recognize a wireless network and then try to connect. If you still cannot try to turn off the router and modem and turn the modem on first than the router. If all else fails you can hit the reset button on your router but you will have to setup the router to enable security and change router access password too. Look on the bottom of router to get tot he router web based access page. Good luck.

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  • crabbs
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    4 years ago

    restore your DNS settings. you've an brisk internet connection regardless of the indisputable fact that you may not be certain hostnames. Run the subsequent command: ipconfig /flushdns Use DHCP in case you'd be in a position to. If not, inspect your DNS settings. in case you do not comprehend the addresses of your nameservers, you'd be in a position to inspect your ISP's website or take a inspect telephoning them. From savor, i do not think that the Verizon website really has the nameservers listed, so that you may also ought to call in case you do not comprehend them. both that or take a inspect googling it. it really is worked for me for some ISPs.

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  • Anonymous
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