How do I access my security software?

Stupid question probably, but I'm totally computer illiterate, and my security settings are so high right now that I can't download anything, msn, limewire, nothing. I need to reconfigure them, but can't figure out how to access my software? Its a microsoft thing, that much I know.

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    Start->Control Panel

    Look for the security icon & click on it. Opens windows security.

    You might also try this::

    On explorer, look at the top, find Tools. Click on it, then the security tab. Click on restricted sites icon, then the Sites button below it will light up. Look & see if any sites of those are there. Or you could click on the Trusted Sites icon and Sites button, and add those to your trusted sites.

    btw are you sure there isn't some kind of parental control software or blocking software on your computer, hm

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