A toy you always wanted but can't find it?

Forget computer games, Wii, Xbox and all that....

From your point of view, is there a "classic" or educational toy (with some electronic inside) missing on the market?

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  • MarkG
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    1 decade ago
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    I guess that you could make electronic versions of "Booby Trap" and "Operation" . Operation was a primitive electric game but it seems to me that it could be computerized with some graphics or made into a virtual reality game.

    Booby trap was the game where you had different sized wooden plugs held in a spring loaded frame. You had to pull one of the three colored plugs out based upon a spinner. If you pulled it out without springing the trap you got point, if the trap sprung you lost points. Seems like this cound be implimented as an LCD game.

  • a skateboard that never snaps in half and never loses pop

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