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Reading a scientific article and i don't understand a couple of things it says :)?

Alright the article found here....

The vocabulary is a little too advanced for me.

Second page second paragraph.. where it says... [The largest par of interpopulation variation in hue of male nuptial coloration was explained by the aquatic light regime]

I've looked at the dictionary for the words that i dont understand, but it doesn't make sense in this concept.... like what does hue and nuptial mean... I need to make a literature critique about this article, and i find it quite hard when i'm not too sure what the article is talking about :( haha. So if anybody can help me by explaining that sentence..

it's an interesting article from what i catch, its just a little hard to read.

k thanks guys :)

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    The most important factor that controlled the difference in colour of males between different populations during mating season was explained by the underwater light.

    Nupital: related to mating or marriage

    Hue: colouration

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    I think it is saying that if the water is too turbid (difficult to see through because of particles floating in it) the color of the males won't look as bright and they may not attract the mates, so may not breed as much, as a male who is in clearer water or who has brighter hues.

    The rest is in the specialized vocabulary of this field.

    hue is color tone - the difference between baby blue and bright blue for example.

    nuptial coloration might mean the colors that attract the female so they marry?

    Source(s): My aching brain. Hope this is even a little bit helpful.
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    particular, that's an occasion of very undesirable English – the author is attempting to electrify by way of utilizing in simple terms long words. that's attempting to assert that the clarity of the water is undesirable (turbidity) such that the creatures are no longer figuring out one yet another for sexual connection like they might if the water became clean. This reduces their genetic replace, consequently combating their species from turning out to be to be as distinctive (changing) because it in any different case would be. Or in short – the grimy water is making them inbred. It’s like if somewhat city interior the midwest became continuously decrease off by way of fog from something of the country – the persons would grow to be inbred, that's in simple terms a complication-loose term for lacking genetic selection.

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