What did Sarah go to Kuwait for? and when?

I'm glad others corrected me. Soon after mccain's announcement that she was his choice for the presidency, a few media sources had reported that she was in Iraq for one day.

but as to this question, again, what was her reasoning for going to Kuwait? and did she go with others for some specific purpose, or just to view an oil rich country?Was it a 'political' trip? an educational trip?


gosh I just asked a question. I'm not 'upset' you silly

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  • Evie
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, she went to Kuwait. She went to visit her troops there. And according to the General she was with she did travel into Iraq for a enlistment ceremony of an Alaskan National Guard soldier. So what if it was only one day. That's more then most politicians go for.

    Her visit to Iraq itself was during a short stop at Khabari Alawazem Crossing on the second day of her two-day trip to the region.

    Palin arrived at Camp Buehring in Kuwait, where she held a town meeting with soldiers and reviewed various training programs designed to prepare troops to deploy into Iraq, said Lieutenant Colonel Dave Osborn, commander of the 3d Battalion, 207th Infantry of the Alaska National Guard, who was in charge of the 570 local troops serving in Kuwait and Iraq.

    "The whole intent was to check on the Alaskans," Osborn said in a telephone interview yesterday.

    On the second day of the trip, he said, Palin was flown to the border crossing, about 100 miles north of Camp Buehring, where she spent the morning meeting with troops and presiding over a ceremony in which an Alaska National Guard soldier extended his enlistment.

    Palin did not stay the night in Iraq, and spent the rest of the second day at Camp Virginia and Ali Al Salem Air Base, Osborn said. While she didn't go deep into Iraq, since that requires permission, she did go into Iraq at the border. Our own governor hasn't even gone to visit the troops and one of the BDEs is going back for a second tour.

    She also took a more active role then our governor when we deployed and when we came home. She also got the families of the deployed soldiers and airmen together to address their concerns and needs. She has been more active in the guard in her state then most governors. They need to take a lesson from her.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She was there in July of 2007! Why are you so upset over HER visiting her National Guard Troops in Kuwait over a year ago?

    I am going to assume that You are a Extreme Liberal Democrat who is fishing for anti-Sara information.

    Why don"t you contact Obama, and asked him how HIS 30 Investigators, Presently in Alaska investigating Sara Palin, are doing? That would be more related to the present Democratic Political Hate Climate against the Woman VP choice, Sara Palin of Alaska!

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  • joebob
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    1 decade ago

    She was visiting Alaska's Guard unit.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She went to establish the fact that she had been out of the country exactly - ONCE!

    Foreign policy experience is hard to claim if you've never left US soil...

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