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whats the drama with RHH & R&P?

cant we all just get along?

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    Yeah. Idiots from R&P (where I hang out) go to RHH and say "What's so special about rap? All it is is a bunch of wannabe gangsters saying how they like to slap women and get money from selling crack, it's all the same, and it all has the same beat!"

    Then you get the idiots from RHH who come into our section and go "What's so special about rock? All it is is a poser who can't get a job screamin satanic lyrics into a mic with a bunch of dorks banging on drums and guitars in the background!"

    If you'll notice, none of the respectable members from EITHER section do that - it's either trolls, or it's an ignorant loser.

    I personally don't understand the conflict - both genres are so different, what is there to argue about? Lol.

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    I think we get along's just certain members of R&P (Not respectable ones, mind you) can't accept the fact that there are people out there who listen to different music they do, and they must b*tch their way out of it in RHH. I believe RHH also has certain people who do that in R&P. Just the other day we got some mindless little loser coming into R&P and asking us "Why do you listen to Rock, all I hear is a bunch of Screaming?", then deleting her question after we defeated her arguments.

    Those idiots have created a certain amount of hostility between RHH and R&P. Best to just ignore them, as they in no way represent the regulars in the two sections.

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    I'm not sure about R&P, but in RHH we get people posting disrespectful things and using racial slurs....Most members of each section don't cause the problems though, it's usually trolls I think.

  • Trolls go to RHH and talk crap then people from RHH blame it on us and that's what starts it all.

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  • Anonymous
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    can't we just make a cake out of rainbows and smiles

    but seriously i'm not a fan of mainstream rap, it's pointless

    Source(s): some of it is from meangirls
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    Did you seriously ask that? Do you care? This isn't middle school. Drama is for preteen girls.

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