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NBA East Conference Predictions Good or Bad?

Here is my predictions 4 the east (standings)

1.Boston(they have the best shooter,3rd best small,best or 2nd best pf and the chemistry will get better,its like detroit in its glory days but better)

2.Cleveland(Lebron James is just getting better and so is young players like boobie and they do have the best trio of point guards with mo who will play great and scorer,delonte who willplay solid,and boobie who is one of the best shooters not to mention that they have JJ Hickson who will help at PF and this is one of the best rebounding teams)

3.Detroit(im still unsure but all i knowis tht thy are nt gttin better2,3,4)

4.Orlando(they should play well but i dont think they will be better than last year becaus now teams know they are a threat)

5.Philly(Elton should really pump up this team which is the one team that always tries hard and they will shine)

6.Toronto(still unsure but this is my best guess)

7.Wizs(the east is heating up and this team will be matched wit cavs)

8.Heat(dwade and beasly but they need more time 4 chemistry)

9.Bulls(derrik rose will spark this team up)

10.Bucks(got redd,richard,yi and bogut great line up)

11.Hawks(joe johnson and gave 7 games to boston)

12,Indiana(great without Oneil and now got Ford)

13.Bobcats(great playing team and got a great coach)

14.Nets(vince and harris are good but without jefforson....)

15....zach is a ball hog,team gettin old,bad chemistry did terrible last year but i do like jamal cause he can shoot)

Im still un sure about nets because vince and harris are great players,knicks because mike dantonie might change the team but hey isiah couldnt even do that,Orlando cause in 06-07 raps came in 3rd then in the year after they dropped and orlando prob had the element of surprise but i think they ll do good,and also detroit because they are a great season teamand they will prob come second and if they do cavs are 3rd and cavs prob will come 3rd cause they are a bad season team but an amazin playoff team

for the playoffs im going with CAVS!!!

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    Cavs : between 4 & 6 spot.

    76ers : 3rd Spot.

    Heat : no playoffs for them.

    Bulls : 8th spot.

    Hawks : between 6 & 8 spot


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    Here's my standings:

    1. Boston

    2. Detroit

    3. Orlando

    4. Philly

    5. Cleveland

    6. Chicago

    7. Miami

    8. Toronto

    9. Wizards

    10. Bucks

    11. Hawks

    12. Knicks

    13. Nets

    14. Bobcats

    15. Indiana

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    That's a good prediction, but the only thing I'm unsure of is the 8th spot. I'm not sure if Chicago will bounce back with the leadership of Rose and make the playoffs or if the Heat will be sparked by Beasley and make the playoffs. I think Chicago has a better chance of the 8th spot slightly.

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    1.) Detroit - Boston lost Posey thats big. Cassell and Brown are another year older. Detroit has same core and a good bench except for Kwame.

    2.) Boston - The Big 3 can get them to the Finals again. Miles and O'Bryant signings are good cause they are young and low risk $ wise w/ possible rewards. Especially, if Miles plays the way he did in LA and in Portland he was a 14+ ppg player and 5+ rpg player before he got injured.

    3.) Cleveland - They have the best player in the NBA, resigned Delonte and managed to trade for a up and coming all-star calibur pg in Mo Williams. They lost Smith and Devin Brown they were good but Kinsey is a scorer look at what he did in Memphis and Lorenzen Wright is a vet who defends and has hops him and swift tore it up in memphis. Hopefully, he can contribute some.

    4.) Orlando - They have a very good big 3 in DH12, Rashard, and Hedo. Jameer is good, but he shoots too much and at a bad %. They will miss Arroyo and Dooling a lot. Arroyo because he was a good passer and better fg shooter than Nelson and Dooling was a great defender and 3 point shooter as was Mo Evans he will be missed. But, they picked up Anthony Johnson good playoff pg look at his Indy days, a good shooter better than Nelson. Pietrus makes them more athletic so that was good. JJ may play more now. And Tony Battie will be back a huge upgrade from Foyle. Garrity retired thats always good.

    5.) Toronto - They may even have a better record than Orlando its just Orlando wins SE so they get 4th. Anyways, Calderon starts is going to be big. They have sharpshooters in Parker and Kapono (Delfino will be missed). They have a versatile player in Moon he can ball. They have a young all-star in CB4 and got JO. When healthy JO is one of the top PF/C in the NBA he can do it all. I think he just wanted to leave Indy thats why all the being unmotivated. Now that JO is here Bargnani wouldnt be forced to play big and can do what he likes scores and Kris Humphries is a nice hard-working up and comer.

    6.) Washington - They have the highest scoring trio in nba for some time now all they need is d. Deshawn provides them with d and 3's he is pretty good just needs to shutup. Haywood is showing he has talent. Antonio Daniels is an underrated 6 man he gives the team a lot of hard play and keeps them on track cause he is the only good passer on team. Etan Thomas who they missed last year will provide them w/ rbs and blocks, and Songaila,Young, and Blatche are good young players. Roger Mason will be missed Dee Brown will fill his place nicely and now help Daniels w/ passing.

    7.) Hawks/76ers: Its a toss up really...(Hawks:) Got much better they actually have a bench now before they only had a raw talent in Law and an all right Zaza Pachulia. Now they added Mo Evans one of top 5 3pt% in NBA and a good defender and Flip Murray can score. If Speedy can come back and contribute a little itll be good. Remember, he was a good scorer in NO w/ Paul. Anyways, they have a starting 5 better than the 76ers. 76ers have a better bench. (76ers:) The Sixers made a big move in getting Brand and he will do nice with Iggy and Miller and Dalembert. They also have added good bench players to compliment Reggie Evans,Louis Williams, Thaddeus Young, and Jason Smith in Kareem Rush (Can score), Theo Ratliff (can block and rrebound surprisingly can still score), Royal Ivey (shows he has game w/ Bucks this year will make a good reserve for Miller), and Donyell Marshall (Hits 3's).

    8. Whoever doesnt get 7th (or) Milwaukee (Jefferson, Redd, Bogut, and Villanueva) (or) Bobcats (good lineup; great coach) (or) Knicks (D'Antoni can be the guy to turn around Knicks we have been making good moves) (or) Chicago (A very talented team that was just injured this year) (or) Miami (Wade is on a mission, Marion, Beasley, James Jones, Mourning (maybe) will make them better)

    The East is wide open the only teams that do not stand a chance and get the 14th/15th seed in the East are.

    14th.) New Jersey Nets - Made nice acquisitions on the defensive end and made nice moves on offensive end. But, the only player they have that can drop 20 every night is Carter. Harris is a good player, Simmons, Dooling, and Yi give you points and Dooling gives you defense with Najera. But, Jefferson was a 20 ppg player and now all they have is Carter gave up way too much in trying to get LeBron

    15th.) Indiana - Lost a 2 good scorers in Rush and Murray. Have a lot of score 1st players thats why they are top 10 in scoring. But you cant win with just scorers. The only defenders they have is Jeff Foster and Rasho Nesterovic who are very good defenders but are old. Jeff is likely out cause they want to start Rasho and they dont want two offensive liabilities on a score 1st team, which is stupid cause Jeff and Rasho can shut down many frontcourt players.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would switch Orlando with Detroit; Dwight is just getting better and better and Detroit is getting older and older. I would switch Knicks and Indiana; they have a lot of talented players but Isiah wa the worst coach in the history of the NBA. He didn't have any plays besides pass it to someone and everyone else watch as he decides whether or not to shoot it. Under D'antoni they will do much better.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1.Celtics (Live it up well you can Celtic fans...)

    2.Pistons (you guys have 2 more years, make the more of it!)

    3.Heat (Good job in the draft, with Marion, Wade, and Beasly your looking good for years to come)

    4.Cavs (Lebron will bring it and nice trade a couple weeks ago.)

    5.Magic (Nice add in Petrous)

    6.Raptors (Good good trade to get Jermaine, now you guys have the best front line in the East!)

    7.76ers (Brand was a real good sign, although I have you guys at 7, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you made it up to 4th or 5th seed.)

    8.Wizards (The Wizards will make the play-offs, but I think they're a one and out team yet again.)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cleveland - should be lower about 4

    Detroit - should be higher, either 2 or3

    Orlando - same as Detroit

    Hawks - oh come on, they are waaaaay 2 low, they should at least have the 8th seed

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