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WICCANS or Pagans...Help?

The full moon is coming up tomorrow, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a full moon/esbat ritual I could perform? I can't afford tons of spell books :S and the internet is sometimes unreliable...I'd like to hear of any personal experience/recommendations you have.

Oh, and while I'm at it, any suggestions for Samhain/Halloween celebration ideas? :) Thanks lovelies!


It's so sad that I have to state this:

I am not Satanic.

I don't care what you think, so please don't waste precious moments of your life insulting me.

This is my lifestyle...

Please be mature.

I don't believe myself or any other practioner appreciates it.

Please, grow up.

Blessed be.

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    I love to just sit outside under the moon and meditate. Perhaps visualize the moons energy/light pouring into yourself, swirling around you.


    My favorite holiday EVER!! lol. I'm Norse Heathen so its not exactly one of our holidays, but I still celebrate it cuz it pwns!!!This year I'll be going to my anatomy/phisiology class from 7in the morning until 1 dressed up in my usual garb of "cape girl". I'm pondering changing it to "mad scientist girl", but am unsure where to get a lab coat.

    Then I'll come home and make even more pumpkin soup. I make it from scratch with real pumpkins. While its cooking I'll carve a pumpkin or two and place them outside. Sometimes I get creative and carve other squashes because I find pumpkins a bit difficult to work with.

    When the soup is done I will begin making dinner and lighting some candles in the windows. My friends will start showing up around now. I'm not sure what I'll make just yet, perhaps just the soup. We'll have a pot-luck type of thing most likely so everyone can contribute something to the dinner. We will each make two plates of food; one for us and our for our ancestors. The plate for our ansestors will go outside after we eat.

    Samhain is often thought of as the New Year, so depending on who comes we may have some tarrot/rune readings for the year to come. Around this time the Trick or Treaters will be ringing the doorbell. They're always a treat ^_^. Once they stop coming around we may do some trance-work. Simply hanging out will be fun.

    I don't plan on it, but I always seem to have some sort of sewing project that takes place on Samhain, so that will probably find its way into my day as well.

  • I don't do magic but I know of a wonderful Halloween (modern Samhain) tradition that many of us pagans have adopted from ancient Rome/Christianity/folk customs. That is to set a meal out for deceased loved ones or set a place for them at the table. You can also light candles in their honor.

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    Being an abusive asshat isn't cool or hip or different either ;)

    The full moon is always a good time for health, love and prosperity rituals. You'd be surprised how many Wicca books the library has.

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    I dont celebrate the fullmoon, but i suppose you can simply just stand under its light and say a few words honoring the moon, and what it represents to you.

    As for Samhain, I dunno how exactly wiccans celebrate it, for the Norse Heathens the holiday of winter nights is not a major one, we usually just leave something outside the door in memory of those who have come before us. Maybe have a Sumbel dedicated to them.

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    There's a good one in "Wicca; A guide for the Solitary Practitioner" by Scott Cunningham. I suggest you do this one.

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    I don't bother. Its just a ritual, and just a holiday.

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    Magic isn't real. You're not cool or hip or different.

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