After Year 12, Can you go to Med School AND University?

By the way, how do you get into Med School?


I live in Australia!!! It is a very nice place to live!!!^^

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    No, you have to finish 4 years of premed before you apply to med school.

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    It depends on what country you're in. If you're in Australia for instance, your whole degree is medicine. I think it takes about 6 years at Uni. Then you do work in a hospital - and then you become a doctor.

    In the states, you have to go to a 4 year college or university and receive a BA or a BS (typically BS). You could take pre-med as your major, but most people major in chemistry, biology, molecular science etc... Then, if you have decent grades, you can apply to medical school. There you will spend another 3 - 4 years studying. Then you would do a residency... Then you would become a doctor - but if you wanted to be a specialist, if takes even longer.

    Just keep your grades up and study hard. And take lots of chemistry, calculus, biology, etc... Maybe even Latin.

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    Since you stated year 12 which is a common term in the UK versus the US where the term senior is used I am assuming you are in England not the US? Medical school in the UK is a bit different than the US. In the UK you enter medical school after you finish you A-Levels and pass the Medical College Admission Test which is called something different in the UK. Generally in the UK you need 5 A-levels with A grades in biology, chemistry, physics, math, and english. After you complete your bachelors degree in medicine in the UK you start out as a junior doctor to train in your specialty. Whereas in the US you get your bachelors degree first, take the MCAT, and apply to medical school before you train as a doctor.

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    you want a 4 year Bachelor degree.(any important) with pre med training and take the MCAT examination till you are able to now word to any scientific college. do no longer take those training at a CC. maximum scientific colleges do no longer settle for pre med training from a CC. Do have a Plan B set up. Few scholars make it into scientific college. you will want precise notch grades and internships out of your undergrad artwork. I propose happening some college visits. pass to a minimum of one great public college and one small inner maximum college. Meet with admissions and take a excursion of the campus.

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    you need to go to university to get your bachelors first. then you apply to med school just like you did with university.

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    Im answering to see what other people answer

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    You work hard and become a social butterfly.

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