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Is prize rebel a safe website?

I want to sign up for prize rebel,but I am really scared it will give my computer a virus or something.Please let me know.Also,if it does,is there any way I can get rid of prize rebel so it doesn't affect my computer any more? thanks...p.s...if it matters my computer is a dell and it has windows vista.


ok,so I just tried to sign up for it,but something says that I have already signed up for it,or someone in my location has signed up for it.Nobody else in my family would have signed up,and I tried different versions of my name(the legal one,the one I go by,the Hungarian one),and I have like 4 email addresses,but none of them will work! please help!

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    prize rebel does works and will send u prizes. i got my game last week! Prizerebel offer very good support! it should NOT give you any spyware or virus, as i never got any so far.

    to protect your self i suggest u download, Ad-aware, Spybot - Search & Destroy, Avast Home Edition and AVG Anti-Virus and few other payed security programs such as Nortan, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and so on.

    few tips for prizerebel:

    -Use different emails for signing up

    -Use roboform for filling forms

    -allow cookies

    -Clean cookies after every offer, use ccleaner

    -wait 5-10min after completing a offer

    -read requirements carefully

    -dont use bogus information, u wont be credited!

    try these offers (UK), they are quick and easy:

    ukprizedraw (all)

    Plum Offers(all)

    Do You Watch the F Word

    Cadbury's Buttons

    Gordon Ramsay

    I got 15pts in a day!

    once u gain enough points you can claim your prize.

    click on the link to sign up:

    For proof see this video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Good luck

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    Prize Rebel

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    I've heard bad things about Prize rebel. I went with TRAINN and haven't had a problem with them yet.

    The best way is to sign up for a rewards site, but do some research on them before you do. I was skeptical, especially since my credit card number would be out there, but TRAINN is a very reputable website and has been covered by CNN and NBC as legit. Yes, some of those reward-style sites are legit. Here's the short version of how companies give away "free" stuff. The companies who offer trials pay the company for each offer someone from their site completes. So, when someone does Netflix, Netflix then pays that website money for the referral. The money made more than covers the cost of whatever reward you select. Don't think the companies are being nice, they are making quite a bit of cash from these deals.

    Websites will send things like game systems and iPods as rewards. That is true, but what is misleading is the whole "free" aspect. No, it's not 100% free. They couldn't make money if it were. When you sign up, you agree to complete one offer to activate your account. Offers are around $10 on average. From there, you have to find family and friends to be referrals for other offers so you can have them count towards your prize.

    Also, beware of people (lots of them around here) that claim they have "hacked" versions of the rewards sites that require no credit card from you. What they give you is a link with their referral number, so you go do an offer thinking you'll get a reward and, shockingly, nothing happens for you. However, their reward just got closer thanks to your referral!

    The bottom line is you need to research the sites and determine which is the best site for your needs. Personally, I use sites under TRAINN's umbrella as they seem the easiest to deal with. There are some good groups on Facebook that are made up of users of those sites. A good one in particular is a group called "Shortest TRAINN Conga Line" on Facebook. They offer advice and answers about how the sites work and tactics to get stuff quickly. You can also get in the Conga Line for easy referrals.

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    Hey man i had the same Problem on Vista you have to allow all cookies and if you have made more than one account you will be banned permanantly.

    no you want get viruses on Vista

    o yeah and heres all i know about Prize Rebel good luck!

    prize rebel works by them (prize rebel the company) getting paid for people looking at Ads and they give you some of what they make(they're actually making lots of money doing this.So they are simply a website with lots of people viewing there ads(the complicated surveys) and there getting paid for it

    simalar to for example YOUTUBE except youtube spends its money on hosting videos not giving it back to you.

    Its not free stuff you actually earn it,but if you practice like i have( i started yesterday you can average 4-7 points an hour (1 point = 1 dollar in credit for amazon,ebay, or the stuff they have.I have researched this and am actually doing it right now, the reason i am aswering this question is so i can put my refferal page link on here and I will earn 20% of the points people who use my link earn(I am using somebodies elses link from youtube who has already made over 6000 dollars in credit( he is buying Xbox's an Ps3's and selling them on ebay) and o yeah make a new yahoo email B/c you will get spamed at least 200 mail messages a day and use for name's and phone #'s and zip codes O yeah and by the way this is not Illegal, the same way spyware on your P/c that companies use to view your web habits isn't.Also get windows Defender spyware & anti virus program it s Free if you have a P/c with Windows- its on the microsoft home page-


    DO UN to others--- it is a great feeling when you earn points for doing nothing- so open an account and give some refferals like me

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    yes it is i got 2 prizes from prize rebel and im waiting for a third prize

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    hey the same things happening to me to but i dont know why it dose that.

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