device manager xp profecianal?

My device manager is not showing the users, how can I get back my users in my device menu?

Also computer will ask me for password when I try to go to a different link, ( all links ) any webpage I try to go will ask for password

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  • ABdA
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    1 decade ago
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    Could be a malware (virus, spyware, trojan) attack.

    Have you tried the following?

    1. Update your antivirus and antispyware definition databases.

    2. Disable your System Restore [Start>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>System Restore>>System Restore Settings>>check Turn off System Restore],

    3. Clean up all Temporary and Recycle Bins. Use ATF-Cleaner from , or use CCleaner from

    4. Boot to Safe Mode, [restart, press F8, choose Safe Mode, login] then run your anti-virus. Clean/Quarantine when necessary.

    5. In Safe Mode, also scan for spyware, or malwares using Spybot-Search & Destroy or Clean and purge when prompted.

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