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Why don't many people live in the eastern side of Colombia?

I've noticed that the mountain range is very popular to live in, most likely due to the cool climate which is great for agriculture..

but why don't many people live in the entire eastern half of the country?

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    I live in Colombia but before moving to Colombia I wondered the same thing. Looking at maps and seeing there were few roads and cities I just assumed it was all jungle rainforest but that is not the case. A large portion of eastern Colombia is what they call the llanos or plains. It's cattle and ranch land and its very hot and humid. In the southeastern part of Colombia it is as I suspected... all jungle and very dense too. Another more modern circumstance that's had an effect on population in the east is the FARC. The FARC has been a strong presence in many parts of eastern Colombia because of the scarcity of people and government forces. They've displaced millions of farmers and small town Colombians from their lands and into the bigger cities like Bogota and Cartagena. The FARC is on the run now and things are much better, but it's only been recently that the Colombian armed forces have had a strong presence there.

    Put these all together.... the hot weather, the lack of roads, the FARC, and the use of the land for ranching and you can see why there are a lot less people. Though Colombia's cities are growing very rapidly you might expect to see a few more people going to settle in eastern Colombia as the security situation improves, people travel more freely, and the oil and gas resources found there are developed.

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