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I have a question to do with the pirates of the caribbean trilogy...and academy awards...?

Why hasn't it been nominated for best music ( or what ever the nomination for music/soundtrack is called)

I think the POTC score is amazing, and deserves to be praised.

Am I wrong?

What are everyone else's opinion?

Also, why does POTC movies never win any academy awards/oscars?

Any opinions??

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    I love Hans Zimmer's work, and the score in POTC made me fall in love, so I know where you're coming from.

    But there are SO many great scores out there. And about POTC not winning awards.. it isn't that it's a BAD movie, but the Academy is always on the lookout for the best films of the year, not just the big blockbusters everyone has seen and knows about. I think it's a fun experience, and they've done some great work with it.. but not everything's that's "good" gets praise.

    Johnny Depp did get a nomination for the first though.. and it's been nominated for best makeup and stuff.. AND it did get a score nomination on other big award shows. So trust me, it gets its recognition. :)

  • pirates of the carribbean isnt an amazing trilogy. its great but its not better than at least 1/3 of the movies that come out in the fall/winter time. potc is a summer blockbuster and johnny depp was nominated for a best actor award for being jack sparrow, which is a little too much for a typical summer blockbuster. now dark knight is different, that movie is good even if it was released in december.

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    The Oscars are never a way to judge which score is the best, or which movie is the best, for that matter.

    It's an OK score, but if you've heard other scores by Hans Zimmer, you'll see that it's pretty derivative of his past work. There are better pirate scores out there.

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    Watch Gladiator and you'll realise the score is pretty much the same stuff. So there's little wonder it didn't get nominated when it's hardly original.

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    that's a good movie,,if no one every picks it..

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