How do I use the composite input on my m8330f?

The Connectivity Center on the front of my m8330f has composite connections. I want to connect my VCR to them and play some of my old movies.


Cyberlink PowerDirector 6 was installed on the computer. Tried it. Partially successful. Playing "Fantasia" on Component 2 gave me intermittent play, 1 second on, 7 seconds off, repeat. Changing to S-Video 2, gave me no video, of course, but more consistent audio, but even that was broken.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yellow is Vireo,red ir Right and white is Left speaker.You need a program like Cyberlink,Magic or what ever to load that film on your computer and work on it to make a DVD.Look in the link,you can download a demo version of Power Director. They also have older versions for free-but you will have to look since I can't send you a link-I live in Europe.

    I like Cyberlink-easy to use.

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