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I have 2 cats, 2 Litter Boxes i clean them @ least once a day i try 2 times,my house smells like cat poo?

Any suggestions on how to eliminate the smell a bit more?

P.s I use this cat deoderizing powder too in the litter box.


Yes i use a coverlitter box with a little kitty door too

Update 2:

where can i buy The Worlds Best Kitty Litter?

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    The covered box will hold the odor. I would suggest the you scoop morning and night and whenever someone leaves a "present" scoop it and dispose of it immediately.

    I would also recommend that you experiment with different litters. The less expensive litters often end up costing more because they are not as effective.

    Also, try leaving a low bowls with white vinegar around the house...this can really eliminate stubborn odors/

    Good Luck!

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    1) Clean the box to the walls once a week, and spray with Nature's Miracle, letting it dry before refilling.

    2) Check to make sure you have no 'stains' around the cat box, and no littler spilled around it. Doesn't take much to become pungent.

    3) Consider changing your litter to Fresh Results. It's pine based, so it doesn't hold odor as much as clay litter. It's also clumping, and much lighter, which makes disposal easier. And it's biodegradable!

    4) Rather than pay extra for deodorizer, try sprinkling the bottom with baking soda, it works better, is less noxious to the cats, and cheaper, too.

    5) Try a covered box with a built-in filter slot, this does lots to cut down on the smell.

    6) Get another litter box! For some reason nobody understands, it's best to have one more than the number of cats you are hosting, And it cuts down on the concentration.

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    That's disgusting. and it's not the cats fault they have got into a bad habit. It's your sister's fault for neglecting this, not providing enough cleaned boxes for them to use, so that the whole house gets turned into one big cat box It is recommended to have a litterbox for each cat plus one extra, in different locations, AND clean them every day! So for 7 cats that would be 8 boxes. For the equivalent of that many cats with 2 boxes they should be cleaned 4 times a day. But really even that may not be enough, if all 7 go at once. She should add at LEAST 2 more boxes and clean them at LEAST twice a day. She also might consider making some giant boxes out of storage containers

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    I use a kitty litter called "The Worlds Best Kitty Litter" It is made from corn and has virtually no dust, clumps great, and I scoop every day, change the litter once a week or so. It is a bit on the expensive side, but no one can tell I have 3 cats.

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    If everything people have listed does not help, an you find that the kitties poo is extremely stinky, one may have a digestive problem. If an animal eats to fast, the food is not properly digested and the proteins are not absorbed by the body which is what make it stink, horribly. Try switching to a different cat food, often a person from a vet or pet food store can help steer you to the right one.

    My cat had that problem and no matter what I did, my house stunk horribly! I was feeding them at the time friskies, but I switched over to science diet (which can get a little pricey)(or try purina) and the problem went away!

    Good luck!! Hope you find something that helps!

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    I have had many cats in my time - i am now 77 - and have never had

    a cat litter tray in the house for more than approx 4 weeks. Train them

    to go outside for toilet even making a cat door. Perhaps you have

    Persians or some other rare breed then of course litter tray is essential

    but if cleaned out every day the house should not smell.

    Source(s): Despite having had cats in my lifetime i now get very angry when they do their toilets on my garden and dont cover it up - i now tend to ` `shoo` the cats away despite the fact that i love them
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    Yeah I agree, World's Best Cat Litter is really good--you can get the one for multiple cats. It is a little pricier but it's healthy for them since it is made of corn. I suggest you try out a small bag!

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    do you use a covered litter box? That can often help. Also try out different litters and look for ones that are designed for multiple cat households

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  • you should clean your cat boxes out completely and wash the boxes out good. I had two cats and one litter box I cleaned it every day and really cleaned it once a month.also try the scented cat litter it helps!

    ps try baking powder for litter boxes that helps too

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    Here's an article I found helpful with my kitties and house:

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