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How to become Airplane Pilot in Quebec or Canada?

I live in Montreal and its my last year at high school. I've been looking everywhere for "Pilotage d'aeronefs" and there's only one!!! cegep available. I'm just waiting for help here from pilots of Canada or most specifically from Quebec. Thanks in advance and really need your help because soon college request time.



Can you help me and tell me how to become pilot of Boeing for example

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    Quebec is in Canada already.

    What do you mean by pilot of Boeing? Do you mean test pilot?

    If you want to learn how to fly an airplane, you will have to earn your pilot's license first. You can't just take a few cegep courses and be accepted by Boeing to fly their jets. You might want to try researching Boeing on Google first to see what their requirements are. I'll bet they want something like 1500 or more hours, an ATPL* and instrument ratings and numerous time on type hours.

    *Airline Transport Pilot License

    If you look through this link,, you can check out what the requirements for a pilot's job are. I think you will find that you will need a university degree in something like engineering and anywhere from 5 to 15 years experience before you can fly for Boeing.

    However, if what you are looking to do is fly commercially for an airline, please think twice. With airlines going bankrupt (think AlItalia, Zoom Airlines and Frontier Airlines, Aloha, ATA and Skybus, to name a few) the future of airline pilot flying is in serious doubt. The pilots that have lost jobs there are already vying for what few airline jobs there are in whatever airlines are left.

    In short, working as a pilot is a challenge if you want to make some kind of living. I used to be a flight instructor and earned a grand total of $3600.00 in one year. Yes, that's "three thousand six hundred dollars" in one year of 12 hour days, 6 days per week.

    If you really want to fly, you might want to consider contacting the Canadian Armed Forces.

    Source(s): former flight instructor
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  • 4 years ago

    St Hubert Flying School

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    I went to an aviation college in Nova Scotia for my training. I'm only aware of the one college in Quebec. If you want to take your license privately while going to school or working then there are a number of flight schools in Quebec that can help you. Visit for additional information or for a list of flight schools in Quebec.

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    I liked St Hubert Flying School.

    so apply for one of those.

    then go to cegep and study in aeronautics and/or your backup profession

    Source(s): I live on the island of Montreal
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