Why are women mainly attracted to men that already have lots of women after them?

It never fails.

I either have no dating options or way too many to handle.

It's like women only want to talk to me when they feel that other women are interested.

Why can't I meet a single girl that wants to meet a single guy?

Is it the competition aspect?

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    1 decade ago
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    yep....girls are like that...wanting what they can't have or what other girls want....when ur single they don't pay as much attention....it's all about the "pre-selection" attraction switch....by having girls around u other girls take notice and they try to get ur attention...

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah I have noticed it too in lots of friends. I think it is Competition an status. If you get the guy they all want then your status goes up in the other girls eyes.

    What men fail to understand about women is that much of our behaviour is consciously or unconsciously designed to impress other women.It has nothing to do with men at all.

    We make the fashion choices our friends approve of, we diet when our friends tell us we are fat (not when our husbands do!!!) And unfortunately we often do not go out with the men our friends see as undesirable. Probably comes from being tormented in the playground by the Princess B**tch Faces and excluded if you didn't meet their standards.

    I personally always go for the quiet guy. He usually has the most interesting things to say because he shuts up long enough to hear other people talk LOL

    My friends have often been puzzled by my choices at first, only to later express a wish that their fella was as nice as mine!! So it's their loss in the end honey, 'cause the show [ponies they gop after are too busy looking in the mirror to pay any attention to their girlfriends anyway!!!

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    it's lazyness. women get hit on SOOOO many time a day they need a shortcut to weed-out the dateable from the un-dateables.

    you can fool them though and it's sad that you have to because women should take the time to know a guy, but like I said they get hit on so much it's more of a desperation move than a well though out plan so in other words they "wing" it and try the ones who have already been filtered by their peers. And you know what? the human being likes a little competition deep inside, it's part of our animal instinct, so yeah 2 birds with one stone: the guy is already filtered and if they win him they feel accomplished!

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    1 decade ago

    Simple: If girls want you it means there is something about you they want.

    Maybe you're looking in a small circle of girls you know or who know someone you know. Why don't you go to a club or area to hang out that is different than your normal beaten circle, that way you can meet new people to whom you're new also :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is like when something popular hits the stores

    you gotta have it

    it is sort of like that

    guys do the same to a woman who is sooo hot that has like tons of boyfriends

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    1 decade ago

    Everything happens for a reason.

    You may be very attractive and centre of attraction to all of them.

    Start handling them one by one or sit in the middle asking them to sit around you.

    Who is fortunate than you.

    Enjoy this situation.

    This happens to a person in Crore.

  • ok some of my friends and my sister is like that and i think its because there more interested to go for things they cant have.i dont get it but idkk weird to mee

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    1 decade ago

    they love std's and to loose there v-card later on once they get married oh i was so young so young the guy would just say get off and bye

  • 1 decade ago

    well i dont go for guys that have heaps of women lined up for them.. i dnt like it its not attractive

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    1 decade ago

    I'm not it's an instant turn off.

    Source(s): Btw, you are making a generalisation about approximately 3 billion people .....
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