will dean be given abilities similar to sams?

Will castiel give dean abilities to help with the fight.

He may need them. i hope castiel is a real angel this perspective will be great for the show but i hope dean gets as strong as sam because the playing field needs balance

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't think Dean will have abilities like Sam's. I think he will have help maybe like the ability to call on some angels or some sort of weapon. I don't think Sam will go to the dark side because Ruby is teaching him to fight demons not be like them. I love the choice to get angels involved. I knew it as soon as he found that white car. I think they did that on purpose to hint at angels. The car had wings too (like a spoiler without the bar across).

  • I believe the angel will give Dean powers too. I think that Ruby is slowly leading Sam to the dark side. I think Dean was brought back to life to stop Sam and in order to do that, he needs powers too.

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    i belive the angel will give dean all he needs but i cant wate to see the look on deans face when he finds out what sam has been doing with ruby

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