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Russia and Georgia in the breakaway territory of South Ossetia?

In August 2008, the United Nations Security Council convened two emergency sessions over the conflict between Russia and Georgia in the breakaway territory of South Ossetia. What was the role of the UN intervention in this instance?

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    N0 role since Georgia upset the apple cart by attacking and blowing the truce and agreement to smithereens. The UN decided that the Russians

    had used disproportionate force in response and in defense of their citizens NOT that they were wrong in the fundamentals. ( But then the Israelis use disproportionate force all the time in the mid East plus they are wrong in the fundamentals i.e. the invasion of Lebanon two years ago).

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    This conflict dates earlier. per chance the earliest degree in the aggravation of the conflict is the actual incontrovertible reality that the russians began the arrangements for the popularity of both areas: Abkhazia and South Ossetia regardless of the actual incontrovertible reality that the finished international community sustained Georgia`s integrity. besides to, the russians began plans of geological explorations in Abkhazia for destiny oil fields or maybe regardless of the undeniable fact that this has been denied by russian officials, plans for a pipeline connecting Russia and Abkhazia were shown. Who began first? The russians. somewhat that I have reported above, there has also been the incident proper to the capturing down of a georgian UAV by a MIG-29, later on being shown of russian starting place. in incontrovertible reality that they ought to not have shot down the georgian UAV. Russia had no suitable to have a fighter in that area and in no way shoot a georgian UAV down, yet neither had Georgia the right to installation defense force UAV's in Abkhazia air-area because of the signed treaties and give up-fireplace settlement. All-in-all, each thing escaladed to an finished-scale conflict after Georgia stated that it truly is integrity became compromised by the Russia's involvement in assisting the insurrection states, both defense force and diplomatically (providing them russian passports). Russia wanted the areas to be annexed to it (both between the areas reported that they favor to be annexed to Russia) and Georgia wanted to positioned an end to this as discussions could probably have taken a lengthy time period and by the time the UN reached a decision, they could have lengthy been annexed to Russia. As for the finest question: i'd not approve it yet from a desperational stand-aspect i could actual comprehend them. Taking a existence is in no way a answer.

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    I agree with teraman9. Israel have flouted the UN rules by not removing their illegal settlements from the West Bank while the US turn a blind eye to everything they do. They even obtained atomic weapons right under the noses of the world. They are a law unto their own.

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