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why should america's veterans be honored?

there may be(well there is alot of people doing this)some people doing this and i need help. My lang. arts teacher is making us write an essay about Why Should America's Veterans Be Honored. i have some good ideas but i need more. plz help. thank you very much!

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    Hmmm, I wonder why a teacher is asking an obivious question like this? Is the same being asked about doctors, firefighters, or police officers?

    Well are a few examples I can think of (right or wrong):

    Colonial wars (1620–1774)

    War of Independence (1775–1783)

    Early national period (to include the War of 1812) (1783–1815)

    Continental expansion (1816–1860)

    American Civil War (1861–1865)

    Post-Civil War era (1865–1917)

    Indian Wars (1865–1890)

    Spanish-American War (1898)

    Philippine-American War (1899-1913)

    Banana Wars (1898-1935)

    The Boxer Rebellion

    First World War (1917-1918)

    Russian Revolution

    Second World War (1941-1945)

    Cold War (1945–1991)

    Korean War

    Lebanon crisis of 1958

    Dominican Intervention

    Vietnam War

    Tehran hostage rescue




    Post-Cold War era (1991–2001)

    Gulf War



    War on Terrorism (2001–present)





    Just a few items and also all the civil rights issues in the 60's, national disaters for the last 200 years and protecting our borders.

    Source(s): US Army 20 yr veteran, vet of Iraq and Afghanistan
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    100% Service-Connected Disability. For me, that's why. And I got off easy. 6 of my HS classmates came home in a box, including two kids whose Dads worked in the same office, in the same week! One of them was my best friend, who died after falling onto a Punji Stake (a sharpened bamboo rod, covered with urine and excrement) just one week before DEROS.

    Because there are 56K names on the wall...and some others still unaccounted. Because the country called and, regardless of our opinions of the VietNam War, we saluted and said Yes Sir!

    It wasn't always like it is today, when servicemen and women get respect at homecoming. My homecoming was being told to take my uniform off when off-base and being derided by every manner of pond scum. Nobody cared about my service, awards, or decorations. I was, however, asked how many women and children I had killed. Oh well, that is the ignorance that was then. I am happy that it is better now (somewhat), but I still have trouble forgiving...and I am a psychologist (that tells you how deep the wounds are).

    Hell, half of America doesn't even know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Maybe if they put their a** in the grass for a couple of weeks, they'd have their memories refreshed, especially the politicians who talk a good war, but who found an out (Republican and Democrat)!

    I apologize for my anger, but I am still deeply hurt by my homecoming and the homecoming of my bros'.

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    Because many like me have life long disablilites from our service and would still be protecting this country if we hadn't been hurt?

    Sorry to sound bitter. I have many bad expericances with Anti Military teachers. no offense to you or your teacher is intended was just my first reaction.

    But yes many veterans have given more of themselves to this country than many Americans will ever give. And reguardsless of what people tell you the US military doesn't do it for the money or the GI Bill. They do it for love of country. Many don't even enter for that however it becomes the primary goal after a short period of time in.

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    ,clearly your teacher has never served,seems a strange question to ask a class to me,a veteran is someone who answered the call to duty and never tried to hide from that call or run away to canada,veterans made your world a better place to live without looking for or asking for thanks,it was veterans that made it possible for your school to ask such a question and defended the rights of free speech,its not done for money or reward but because it was the right thing to do at the time for the right reason,thousands answered the call and thousands never came back and their deaths are one of the reasons that vets should be honored,for your tomorrow they gave their today,

    Source(s): just another soldier
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    Could you imagine 2 or 3 years thousands of miles away from home,not going to the mall after school,not watching cable tv in a comfy couch,not seeing your family,in a hostile country in the middle of a desert for you and your country

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    do no longer in basic terms write on your essay 'US infantrymen could desire to be honoured' - there's no longer something particular approximately American infantrymen ALL protection tension veterans deserve the comparable admire, be they British or Russian, Indonesian or Iraqi. while a infantrymen signs and symptoms up (different than in conscription countries i assume :-/) they do so understanding that their lives could desire to be in threat. yet having suggested that, some basically verify in as a results of fact they could't get a occupation everywhere else or as a results of fact's a paid, criminal way of being a psychopath (no comedian tale). So say on your essay that infantrymen from all countries deserve honour, no longer in basic terms American ones, yet on the comparable time no longer all inidivdual veterans deserve honour as a results of fact there are people who commit conflict crimes and kill civilians. yet one infantrymen undesirable acts won't be ready to be seen as an occasion of all infantrymen from that u . s . a .; the comparable is going for heroic deeds.

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    They actually do all the work to protect our rights as Americans. They aren't the 60 year old men who sit in the diner and talk about how they know how to solve the world's problems. They are the guys that go out and do it. It disgusts me the amount of ignorant people i know who take our service men and women for granted.

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    Because they are the reason that you are sitting there writing your essay. They fight for your freedom to live your life. We owe them our freedom, simple as that.

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    If you can read this, thank a teacher.

    If you can read this in English, thank a veteran.

    (One of my favorite Bumper Sticker sayings.)

    Source(s): Sgt, USMC, 72-75
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    Our veterans should have our respect! If it weren't for them we wouldn't be the strongest, most patriotic, free country in the world! Thank you vets! Thank you John McCain! We love you! Country First!

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