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Hi, my mom says that the united states does not give tuiton bank loans very often, is this true?

as said above, im not sure whether this is true, im wondering because i doubt that i have a tuition fund so i was looking toward bank support, yet my mom claims united states banks do not give many loans to students, is that true?

P.S, i am a US citizen (whether that helps..)

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    No, Banks do not give out student loans, you go to the College & apply for Student loans thru them, NOT BANKS.......

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    i m not a US citizen. but i also wanted to do my undergraduate degree in US so i used to go to different websites to get more info. from my research, it's even possible for foreigners to get bank loans if they are guaranteed by an American and signed on their loan form

    so i think u can get a loan, u just need to do some things the bank wants you to do like get a gaurantor, perhaps.

    i m sure you can get a loan for your studies.


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