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What is the meaning of happiness? Why do we seek out sad things if the purpose is to find happiness?

Now if everyone seeks to be happy, assuming that's what most people want, why do we read sad novels or watch tragic movies in order to be sad? Do people really need to be happy to have meaning in their lives? What if you weren't happy doing something, say teaching, but in doing that you achieve a greater happiness (from helping students overcome)? Is there a true happiness or is it a tug and war trying to find the pin point of balance in your life? What if we never got angry and were happy all the time, what would life be like? (what a sick thought). Geez that's a lot to think about.

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    Not everyone seeks happiness. Satisfaction goes deeper, and lasts longer, and is more, well, satisfying.

    And yes, I think there is generally a tug (if not war) in all of us, optimizing, balancing. "I am of two (or more) minds about that." describes all of us that have at least half a brain; that haven't given up our own personality to a peerless leader or some 'ism'.

    What if we were 'happy all the time'? I think you mean 'slap-happy' and you can see what it's like - just look at an addict with plenty of stuff (look quickly, though, he'll be dead soon).

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    we read sad novels and watch sad movies to appreciate the good things that we have in life and be able to say "im so lucky im not them!"

    Of course people need to be happy to have meaning in their lives, they need something positive to look forward to.

    Life is always going to be about balancing the bad with good... it's always a balance of things. If you have one you must have the other. There is no perfect person out there that has never had a bad day or had a bad think happen to them and that creates the balance in life. there is no such thing as being happy all the time. Even when you hit your foot you get angry. the whole purpose of life is finding these balances that allow you to live in harmony with yourself and others.

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    I do not watch a sad movie or read a sad book because it,s sad I watch a movie or read a book because it is well rated, has got good actors or is a favorite author.

    Sure it may be sad story but it is fiction - this will not make me sad I will be happy that I enjoyed the movie or book.

    It is one's mindset that is important - I strive to be happy. I set myself both realistic and attainable goals, and when I achieve them the sense of self achievement and self fulfillment is awesome and makes me very happy.

    You see you do not have to teach if you don't like it but you can impart your knowledge in other ways , for instance this website, and still experience a feeling of self actualisation. Dont' you feel good when you answer a question well and even better when it is rated best answer.Of course we cannot and will not always be happy but to strive for happiness is important.

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    people read sad novels and tragic things to make there lives not seem so bad. it does make them sad but it also gives a sense of relief. and yes you do have to be happy to have meaning to you life, meaning in life and happiness is hand N hand. if you are not happy teaching but are feelings rewarded then you are happy, you just have some things that arent that affect it sometimes. if we were happy all the time life would b slow. because its those horrible times that we face when we are struggling that makes an accomplished feeling feel soooo great.

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    First of all you need no make sure what you want and want to achive. And say it clearly and practise it over and over again. you need put aim,target,purpose in front of you. you will be aware of there some difficulties which are set being around you. then repeat this every single day you wake up.

    promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can distrub your peace of mind. look at the sunny side of everything make your opmtimism come true. think only the best work only for the best expect only the best. forget the mistake of the past press greater achivment of the future. give so much time to improvement of yourself that you have no time to crictize others. live in the faith the whole world is on your side as lon as you are true to the best that is in you.

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    I don't think happiness is an innate emotion. .. ..

    Anger, sadness and hate are ... People would rather relate to someone been sad,.. that's why we stop channel surfing when you see someone crying on tv. You might have to change jobs 100 times before you'll find something that makes you happy. I don't know if making others happy, really does give you happiness.

    I don't know if any of this makes sense! But it's a good question.

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    Happiness will lead you to the beginning of your journey, if you but keep moving forwards.

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