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How can I watch some live Sumo Wrestling?

I would love to watch a sumo match while I visit Japan, even if it is an amateur match. I am going to be in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya& Kyoto) region between the dates of October 6th the 20th. Please please let me know if it is possible to catch some wrestling?

I know I am out of season of the major competions. I have seen day tours to visit a stable, but that is too pricey for me.

Thanks :)

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    If you go to the Ryogoku neighborhood you are apt to see sumo wrestlers out for a stroll or whatever. The stables are mostly in that area and they step out to rent a video or whatever just like everybody else. Late in the afternoon when they have finished their nap would be the best time. There are also plenty of chanko nabe restaurants in Ryogoku where you can at least eat like a sumo wrestler.

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    Sorry. But October has no sumo match in Japan even in college level. I don't think you can see it without changing your travel schedule.

    Source(s): a native Japanese
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