what is a difference between jafri &zaidi shias ?

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    Jafri Shia follow 12 Imams. Imam Jafir Sadiq is their 6th Imam, on which Isma'ili Shia dispute. For Isma'ili Shias, Isma'il is their 6th Imam.

    Zaidi Shia consider themselves as the descendants of Prophet Mohammad PBUH i.e. Sayyids. But infact, they do not follow him but worship him as far as I had some chances of attending their gatherings i.e. Majalis.


    Both worship people.

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    From all 4 answers above, we should understand the knowledge of people who answered.

    It is very sad seeing their comments.

    Twelver Shi'ism (اثنا عشرية Ithnāˤashariyyah) is the largest branch of Shi'a branch of Islam. An adherent of Twelver Shi'ism is most commonly referred to as a Twelver, which is derived from their belief in twelve divinely ordained leaders, or Imams, and Shi'a usually refers to Twelver Shi'a Muslims only. Approximately 85% of Shi'a are Twelvers, representing the largest branch of Shi'a Islam.

    Twelvers share many tenets of Shi'ism with related sects, such as the belief in Imams, but the Ismaili and Zaidi Shi'ite sects each believe in a different number of Imams, and for the most part, a different path of succession regarding the Imamate. They also differ in the role and overall definition of an Imam.

    The Twelver Shi'a faith is predominantly found in Iran (90%) , Iraq (65%), Azerbaijan (75%), Lebanon (35%), Kuwait (35%), Turkey (25%), Saudi Arabia (10-15%)[1], Bahrain (80%) and form a large minority in Pakistan (20%) and Afghanistan (18%).

    Ja'fari jurisprudence or Ja'fari Fiqh is the name of the jurisprudence of the Twelver Muslims, derived from the name of Ja'far al-Sadiq, the 6th Shia Imam.

    The Ja'fari Shia consider Sunnah to be the oral traditions of Muhammad and their implementation and interpretation by the Imams who were all scholars and descendants of Muhammad through his daughter Fatima and her husband, the first Imam, Ali.

    Zaidiyya, Zaidism or Zaydism (Arabic: الزيدية az-zaydiyya, adjective form Zaidi or Zaydi) is a Shī'a madhhab (sect, school) named after the Imām Zayd ibn ˤAlī. Followers of the Zaidi fiqh are called Zaidis (or occasionally, Fivers by Sunnis). However, there is also a group called the Zaidi Wasītīs who are Twelvers

    Followers of the Zaidi fiqh recognize the first four Twelve Imams but they accept Zayd ibn Ali as their "Fifth Imām", instead of his brother Muhammad al-Baqir. After Zayd ibn Ali, the Zaidi recognize other descendants of Hasan ibn Ali or Husayn ibn Ali to be Imams. Other well known Zaidi imams in history were Yahya ibn Zayd, Muhammad al Nafs az-Zakiyah and Ibrahim ibn Abdullah.

    In matters of law or fiqh, the Zaidis follow Zaid ibn Ali's teachings which are documented in his book Al Majmu Al Fiqh. The Zaidis are similar to the Hanafi madhhab with elements of the Jafari madhhab.

    In matters of theology, the Zaidis are close to the Mu'tazili school, but they are not Mu'tazilite, since there are a few issues between both schools, most notably the Zaidi doctrine of the imamate imamah, that are rejected by Mu'tazilites.

    The Ismāʿīlī (Urdu: إسماعیلی Ismāʿīlī, Arabic: الإسماعيليون al-Ismāʿīliyyūn; Persian: إسماعیلیان Esmāʿiliyān) branch of Islam is the second largest part of the Shī‘ah community, after the Twelvers (Ithnāʿashariyya). The Ismāʿīlī get their name from their acceptance of Ismāʿīl ibn Jaʿfar as the divinely appointed spiritual successor (Imām) to Jaʿfar aṣ-Ṣādiq, wherein they differ from the Twelvers, who accept Mūsà al-Kāżim, younger brother of Ismāʿīlī, as the true Imām. The Ismāʿīlī and the Twelvers both accept the same initial A'immah from the descendants of Muḥammad through his daughter Fāṭimatu z-Zahrah and therefore share much of their early history.

    Source(s): wikipedia
  • May be they are followng Imam Jaffar

    and other are not

    how are you dear

    Ramadhan Kareem

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    OMGGGGGOSH there are differences in shia ppl aswelll????

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    OMG do you have that too in the Shiasm?

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    Shias are not Muslims... so i don't care

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    both are non muslim mean kafir

    zaidi abuse kalifa

    and jaferi loves kalifa

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    who cares? atleast shia have some common sense. sunni think everything is haram. especially salafis and wahabis

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