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One of my fish just keeps on darting around, why? and how do I stop it?

Well, my parents bought me a 2 year old tank (I think 20 gallon) nothing was wrong with it, it came with everything except the pH monitor. In order to carry it into the car... most of the water was pored out, about 5 gallon left. The water temperature was not as warm, so it needed warm water. The owners used to just put warm water from the tap into the aquarium, but I like aged, cold water, heated. But I didn't have a choice, I boiled 2 gallons of water to 80 degrees in a water boiler, the water from the tap smelled like amonia according to my dad, put the desired chemicals in and fell asleep, they weren't jumping at the time I fell asleep at 2 o clock am, the tank had about an inch of gravel, 2 plants and a cave and a piece of wood, it was a little less than a half full. I don't know what the fishes are except that their are around 4 neon tetras, 2 shrimp hiding somewhere, and a Mollie (red perhaps?) Then this morning, I accidentally gave it a little too much food, the bigger non tetra fishes in the back weren't eating a lot, not even half of what the tetras are eating, I think, They're behind a piece of driftwood and plants. Then there was this roundish (not really but compared to guppys they're round) white fish with a single black stripe in the middle, I don't know what they are, The old owner had them, I only got it yesterday. And a half an hour after I feeded my fish, found my fish darting and flipping sometimes out of the water, just a few times, but what's the matter? I'm just a 13 year old girl, so don't tell me to get something really really expensive, though I really need a pH moniter....

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    Mm. Alright so first off. You can't just boil tap water and then add it to the tank and then add the conditioner.

    You need to add the conditioner into the boiled water and let it sit for at least an hour. The chemicals can severely affect the health of your fish and cause all sorts of ailments.

    You have tropical fish which means you need to go out and buy a heater (they are inexpensive) and always keep the heat between 24-25C (75F).

    Feed the fish only once per day and watch them as you're feeding them to make sure that everyone is getting something. That means, don't just dump the days food in all at once but do it in very small pinches.

    API Master Test Kits is inexpensive (20 USD) and comes with an Ammonia, PH, High PH, Nitrate and Nitrite testing solutions that are amazingly accurate.

    Remember to test the water everyday. I have a feeling that you're going to find yourself with a mini-cycle soon which will mean that you're going to have to do a lot of water changes to keep the fish from getting sick.

    I would also buy a few more tetra (they do good with about 8). I am not sure about the mollies however as I have never kept any myself.

    Hope that's helpful. If no one else can give you better advice, please email me and I'll help you out as best I can. =)

    Source(s): 54 litre aquarium with 1 Betta and 2 Cory's.
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    Yup, you got it - plain tap water is a big no-no. You can buy this water conditioner which all fish shops should sell and which shouldn't cost too much, and you add a bit every time you put more water into the tank. Also, the fish are probably pretty stressed by the move - fish always get stressed when you try to move them about and the whole tank moving was probably quite a shock. You'll need to get a heater - these don't cost a bomb, but usually they come with new tanks and so the individual heaters cost quite a bit. Plus, fill the tank up to the top, the fish like it better then.

    So... get water conditioner, do partial water changes very often - that's when you take, say, a bucketful of water out of the tank and refill it with fresh water, you should do it ideally once every one or two days for the first week/fortnight, then once a week once the fish are feeling more at home. One big thing - it's better to underfeed fish than to overfeed them as they can survive for days without food and too much food can lead to algae, which you REALLY don't want. (Trust me, I know from experience...)

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    Did you treat the water with an actual water conidtioner before you added it to the tank? You need to declorinate the water before putting it in the tank or it will poison your fish.

    You don't need to boil your water, it can actually do harm. And if you have ammonia in your drinking water, call your local water department as that's not supposed to be there.

    A water conditioner like Amquel+ will get rid of the bad stuff in your water immediatly when used correctly. Do this before adding the water to the tank.

    Since this is your first time with a fish tank, go here and read up :)

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