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trade slaton, perry, lloyd, or rudi johnson?

I need to pick one of these guys to trade in a buy low deal for Ben Roethlisberger. Who do you think will be the weakest of the four of them?

steve slaton - hou rb

chris perry - cin rb

rudi johnson - det rb

brandon lloyd - chi wr


also providing a bit of thought into your reasons would be nice

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    steve slaton=you picked up a fantasy waiver wire gem who you could swap for somebodies struggling player who wants to sell low but i would hold on a little longer as to maximize the return

    chris perry=very good fantasy bye week fill in highly doubt you can recieve anyone of value since the bengals are a pass happy offense and are really struggling to move the ball effectivaly on all phases

    rudi johnson=another waiver wire gem bet the guy that cut him wishes he had him now since he manhandled kevin smiths job away but the lions organization has no structure in the front office that will probably transcend on to the field as well but i ewould hold on to him as well maybe he regains his top rb form with detroits zone blocking scheme

    brandon lloyd=hard to imagine anybody trading for a bear wide reciever but desperate times call for desperate measures think of the guys who have randy moss and braylon edwards(like me)on there teams whos team is now 0-3 because of it(like me)see if they will sell low anyteam in your league that is 0-3 are desperate as all hell to make any move as 0-4 will cause you to miss the playoffs

    hope this helps my man good luck

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    Ben won't have a good matchup until after his bye week so i hope you have decent QB for the next three weeks, but if you can get him for one of these guys, kudos.

    I'd give up Rudi if I were you. He's possibly still splitting time with Kevin Smith for starters. He had a good week last week, but it was vs. SFO. His schedule coming up is pretty brutal however. He has a bye week this week followed by MIN and CHI back to back. He plays those teams again later in the year along with TEN, JAX, and CAR. Furthermore, DET's defense is lousy and even against so-so teams, them being blown out is a real possibility and will limit his carries in 2nd halfs.

    hell, i'll even let you know why you should keep the other guys

    - Slaton - I have him too and like how he handled one of the leagues better run defenses. If he can do it vs. TEN he can do it vs anyone.

    - Perry - Starting your year vs BAL and TEN doesn't help pad your stats. CIN's getting better and their offense should turn around in general with Chad Johnson getting healthier and Chris Henry coming back. Their opposition gets a little easier as things go on too though not by much (they still have games vs PIT, PHI, BAL, JAX, and DAL - his fantasy playoff schedule is cake though)

    - Lloyd - he's the #1 WR in Chicago (for whatever that's worth) and has easy games on the docket. DET (twice), ATL, STL, Not an every week play, but vs a good matchup looks solid.

  • Slaton is a gem in the rough - don't move him - he's starting the rest of the year barring injury.

    Perry has some potential upside as the job is still his although the situation has been terrible thus far in Cincy -

    Rudi's had one good week and is contending with Smith - I say they'll still lean to Smith the rest of the way - Rudi's a bum.

    Lloyd is more or less the #1 receiver in Chi-town - I'd hold him relative to Rudi.

    Trade Rudi.

    Do you even need Big Ben? Who's your current QB?

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    hell specific you may desire to commerce jordan for johnson.rudi has been between the final rb around for 3 yrs he places up 1200 yds rushing and 10 tds each and every 365 days,can jordan say that? i admire jordan alot(i'm a jet fan and he became ours and could nonetheless be yet edwards became a moron)yet rudi is a plenty greater effective back,it would marvel me to confirm jordan submit greater effective numbers on the tip of the 365 days then rudi might

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