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bj_dj asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

whole heartedly i want to stop drinking, i know why i am drnking.?

i have told this to a key worker who just passes me off by saying yeah i don't blame you. but i am seriously desperate, i really don't wanna end up off my head every time my sons come to me. i suppose to show them strength through to the end. any advice would be considered gratefully.

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    you have already made the first step by deciding to quit. everyone will tell you to get to an AA meeting somewhere--alcoholics anyomous.

    in the phonebook. they do a 12 step program that is working for millions of people. replace the drinking with something else--healthy.

    spend time with your sons. reach out to someone who will be supportive and ignore as best you can those that do not support you.

    best wishes to you. as they say in meetings--in works if you keep working it and coming back to meetings.

    Source(s): AA/alonon
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    You don't need to be off your head when you see your sons. No one is making you pick the bottle up and forcing you to drink. You do have a choice and you choose to drink. It is as simple as that.

    Thinking of your children should be enough to get your butt into gear and sort yourself out. As only you can shape yours and your kids future.

    I wish you all the best in putting others before yourself.

    Source(s): A recovering alcoholic.
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    They say it is easier to stop or start anything comfortably after 3 days. I recommend you find a positive substitute for your problem, maybe a hobby, or become very careful, aware, and responsive to your cravings. Becoming more social about your problems to a close loved-one who supports your change always helps. Try to distract yourself purposefully and keep a level head. Good luck.

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