How are older computing models different from cloud computing?

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  • Dean B
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    1 decade ago
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    Normally web providers or whoever, would use large servers to do all their tasks, be it storing info or number crunching.

    an exampel would be Folding@Home.

    This could be ran on a super computer, but it would cost alot of money to do. so they made the software andhome users run it at no cost to F@H, the many seprate PC's have the accumaltive proceesing power of a super computer (actually the entire prossecing power supersedes the IBM Roadrunner)

    Not all services benifit form Cloud computing, but it is a very intresting branch of computing that could help out alot in hte future, such as Seti and F@H which jsut would be too costly to run on a Supercomputer.

    Source(s): Roadrunner runs at about 1700 Terraflops
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