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Do Bush/Cheney so fear Gov Palin's going after them for corruption in oil that they are sinking GOP's chances?

GWB hates McCain and he comes up with this Xmas Tree for Wall Street before November 4. Is this really because Palin is after oil market corruption. I think GWB and Cheney orchestrated a weak pre-surge American offensive in order to keep the oil price up. That makes anything done in Alaska chump change.

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    That certainly is an interesting theory. I didn't think McCain/Palin needed any help in going down the tubes, but if you're right about them wanting to clean up the Bush/Cheney corruption, she should help Obama do it even if she loses - that would be the patriotic thing to do.

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    No they are not because if elected she will have absolutely no power in office. That is why this notion is laughable. If she sees something, it is still up to McCain to decide what he wants to do about it. McCain clearly doesn't care because he knows what is going on but has done nothing about it in all his years in the senate.

    to recap. Vice presidents have no power what so ever.

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    1 decade ago

    No..but nice try..this would not be possible

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