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Identify three possible components of a DNA nucleotide?

deoxyribose, phosphate group, uracil

deoxyribose, phosphate group, thymine

adenine, phosphate group, ribose

cytosine, phosphate group, ribose

cytidine, phosphate group, ribose

guanine, phosphate group, ribose

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    adenine, phosphate group, ribose

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    Components Of A Dna Nucleotide

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    A phosphate, A nitrogen base, and a deoxyribose sugar which together constitute a DNA nucleotide.

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    Deoxyribose, phosphate group, thymine

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    The answer is B, "deoxyribose, phosphate group, thymine".

    A - uracil is only found in RNA.

    C through F - ribose is the sugar used in RNA.

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