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Walking in place vs actually walking ?

How good are the effects of walking in place vs actually walking around? On my lunch hour, I take time to read and Ive found I can stand on the 6th floor of the parking garage and walk in place while holding my book against a stairway railing. Are the benefits Im getting by moving my legs up and down for a 20-30 min period almost as good as actually walking for 20-30 mins?

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    Walking in place doesn't burn nearly the amount of calories as physical walking forward. You are moving your legs up and down, which takes minimal effort.

    When you walk forward, you're driving your body and propelling yourself against air and elevation changes. You burn more calories, you use more muscle groups, and you get a better work out.

    If you only have the moving in place, that's good. But try to walk distances if possible.

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    it is going to no longer injury you yet, the outcomes would be minimum at terrific. Plus attempting to study and walk eh' you could no longer incredibly be strolling speedy sufficient to get your heartrate going.. it may enhance you legs slightly.. Why no longer attempt listening to an audiobook on your mp3 participant or ipod or cd participant and going around the block or strolling up the 6 flights of stairs 2-thrice... Or attempt marching rather of strolling.. I had the terrific legs while i became in Marching Band in HS... positioned on small ankle weights for greater advantageous effects. sturdy success

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