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Isn't the reason they say you have to die before being judged by God because the fact God was called ...?

the light in which there is no darkness, and Todd saw that light in which their is no darkness and he was on ROSS Avenue, meaning CROSS= C..\ ROSS, meaning TODD died on a C..\ ROSS(compiled as CROSS) and obviously still lives to write this meaning Todd is the ressurected. Thus Todd perhaps in search of a new name is giving "high consideration" (The Canadian Dictionary for Children defines Respect as High Consideration" to the name Jesus Christ. And didn't someone say those who see God tend to become God? Meaning i guess according to that person i amd supposed to become God, because they said in the bible God is the One in the Light. And i defintely was in the Light. Any wonder i need a drink occassionally?

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    Occam's razor

    "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best."

    The Hebrew term ’emeth′, often rendered “truth,” may designate that which is firm, trustworthy, stable, faithful, true, or established as fact. (Ex 18:21; 34:6; De 13:14; 17:4; 22:20; Jos 2:12; 2Ch 18:15; 31:20; Ne 7:2; 9:33; Es 9:30; Ps 15:2; Ec 12:10; Jer 9:5)

    The Greek word a‧le′thei‧a stands in contrast with falsehood or unrighteousness and denotes that which conforms to fact or to what is right and proper. (Mr 5:33; 12:32; Lu 4:25; Joh 3:21; Ro 2:8; 1Co 13:6; Php 1:18; 2Th 2:10, 12; 1Jo 1:6, 8; 2:4, 21)

    A number of other original-language expressions can, depending upon the context, also be translated “truth.”

    Jehovah, the God of Truth. Jehovah is “the God of truth.” (Ps 31:5)

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