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Tap water or Bottled Water?

What would you rather drink from?

For me, I don't mind either of them. Water is water :).

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    We have a PUR filter on the kitchen sink and the water tastes great (better than bottled). I keep hearing about how bad it is for the environment to make the plastic bottles, even though they're recyclable. There is also some link to the reuse of plastic bottles and cancer (esp. in women).

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    I drink tap water, but I have a PUR filter on my tap which removes the chlorine and the heavy metals. Bottled water is good but it is expensive and all those plastic bottles which sure does not help the planet. So I Vote Tap Water.

  • Bottled Water :D

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    i dont like to buy bottled water because the plastic bottles are really bad for the environment and In many parts of the world there is no clean drinking water but in the U.S clear,"drinkable" water flows out of allmost every tap, and yet Americans spend over 15 billion dollars a year on bottled water

    and the bottles are overflowing our landfills, and contributeing to global warming

    i do have to disagree that water is water

    because if you look at the labels on bottled water some just say purified water like aquafina wich is basically just tap water that has been filtured and purified

    and other bottled water like arrowhead says mountain/spring water

    and it does taste different to me

    they cost about the same for a bottle of water but one is bascially just filtured tap water and one came from a mountain spring somewhere

    but for the most part i drink from the tap because we have one of those home filtures that hooks on the tap at our house ( =

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    Depends upon what city I am in what I will drink (certain places I have traveled in the US can claim it's safe, but it tastes and smells like crap). If the water smells, tastes or looks bad from the tap, I will not drink it AT ALL unless I know for sure that specific city's purification processes and what "water-hole" it comes from. If I know that they are pretty trustworthy, I will drink things made from their water, but I prefer to drink bottled water simply for the taste.

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    Tap taste better and it is not bad for you. Studies have shown that if somebody drinks bottled water for the first few years of their life (excluding time that water is boiled to drink) they could develop cavities earlier than somebody who drinks tap water all their life

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    I like bottled water better, cause you know it's cleaner than tap water. Cause now there's these studies that it shows tap water can have all these kind of ingredients from like pesticides and all that stuff in tap water. anyways, yeah that's why I like bottled water! (=

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    Bottled water.=)

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    tap water. We have a filter so it's fine. I'm to cheap to waste my money on bottled water

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