in islam, will non muslims and and bad muslims go to hell for eternity?

nobody in my family is very religious the only thing we do is ramadan and i fast probably 1 day in the whole thing, this year i didn't fast once.

just didn't feel like it. on eid i don't do anything jus stay home from school. anyways im not a very good muslim same with my family if the world was to end this second or tomorrow? would i go to hell for eternity or serve my time in hell and go to heaven. i believe in god just not interested really..


im getting mixed answers

does it depend on god and me

or will they all eventually go to heaven if they believe in god

or will they stay in hell forever?

plz answer clearly

Update 2:

it doesn't matter if i start becoming a good muslim god will not let me in heaven right away ive already lived my life as a bad 1 im a bad person

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    1 decade ago
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    Look at this hadith which was part of Allah's revelation. It will help you understand:

    "There were two fraternal persons among the sons of Israel. One of them was engrossed in committing sins while the other was devoted to worship. The devotee used to see his fellow committing sin and advise him: Desist from doing so. One day when he found his fellow committing sin. He said to him: Avoid it.

    His fellow said: Leave me alone. Have you been sent out as a vigilant on me. The devotee said: By Allah, He will neither forgive you nor admit you to Paradise.

    When they died, they were gathered before the Lord of the Worlds. Allah asked the devotee: Were you assured of knowing Me or were you having power over what was in My Hands? Then He said to the sinner: Go and enter Paradise by My Mercy; and ordered the angels about the devotee: Lead him to the Hell."

    I am telling you this, because none of us can truly answer your question. Yes, the Qur'an says that the believer who does good deeds will go to Heaven, and the disbeliever who does bad deeds will go to Hell. However, as you can see in the hadith above, everything depends on Allah's Mercy. And for us to decide whether you, a believer, will go to Heaven or Hell can cost us a sentence to Hellfire.

    A man can be perfect and do everything right, but on the Day of Judgment, Allah can send him to Hell and the man will have to accept it. Not everything depends on your sins or good deeds, Allah's Mercy is more important. He will decide it all.

    And you should know that Allah forgives absolutely EVERY sin, except for one: disbelief. There's the hadith of a man who sinned all his life. He arrived on Judgment Day, and Allah put forth in front of him heaps of scrolls detailing his every sin. The man thought he was doomed.

    But then Allah brought a tiny little piece of paper on which was written "La ilaha il Allah" (There is no god, but Allah). The man dismissed it, saying "What difference will that light piece of paper make?" When Allah placed all his sins on one side of the scale, and that thin piece of paper on the other, guess which one weighed more? The shahada outweighed all his bad deeds. The man was forgived for all his sins and was admitted to Paradise.

    Don't think it's the end of the world. You probably don't know this, but there is one thing that God loves above everything else: His slaves asking Him for His Mercy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Be the best person you can be.

    But remember that we are here to serve our God the creator of us all.

    No disrespect seriously but how do you expect to have your place reserved in Heaven if you don't follow the words of God and do his simple tasks in life. You are being rebellious. God does not appreciate those who rebel. There are people who deserve to because they hold their hearts out open to God. You simply don't seem to be doing that dear. The belief that there is a God is not enough. God wants us to praise and worship him with our pure and dedicated lives. I know that you are thinking of Christianity, let me tell you something clear, those who believe that Jesus was the son of God and is God at the same time will not go to heaven because that is like worshiping two Gods - God does not like that. God is one not two. You must also understand that Christians claim to be monotheistic (belief in one God) but how can the be so certain if they worship 1.Jesus 2.God 3.Angle of Gabriel (holy spirit) I'm sorry but 3 does not equal to 1. To the people of the world who have logic can clearly see that 3 never adds up to 1. And since that is 3 God - than they might as well consider Christianity as a paganism religion. Christianity is misguided and mean to the world around them. The teaching of Islam is beautiful if you give it a chance. Com'on you don't even read the Quran so how can you compare and judge Islam and Christianity. You are a victim of brain wash of Christianity. I am not putting down Christianity because I used to be a Christian and my parents are Christians, but I refuse to lie and sugar coat the religion of Christianity.

    Think about it. Study it. And analyze it. But don't rush into it.

    Remember, be the best person you CAN be. I am willing to take time out to help you get on the right track. You can e-mail me for anything

    I don't want you to be lost. It is not too late for you. I want you to repent and start new from the as a good Muslim. I am willing to help you sister.

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  • 4 years ago

    I am unable to tell. This often creates confusion. But one thing I can tell. Being a muslim doesnt reserve you a place in heaven, I mean unless your a true mulism. Which means following Gods commands properly in your social and religious life. You cant have one set of principles of for your religious life and another set of principles for your social life. And remember torturing an animal like cat or keeping a bird in the cage against its will can also can drag you to hell, no matter whether your a believer or not. Allah is merciful and his existence and judgement are way too beyond our understanding. May Allah bless us all alike, Ameen

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my friend it is never too late to it sins or not.. ALLAH has always been understanding and has great love for all his creations. dont give up even if you view yourself worthless of being in Allah's heaven because all of us are, that is why we all constantly pray and recite the verses of the Quran for Allah to have mercy on us all. Allah is great do not doubt it.

    do not worry about the future too early or worry about Kiamat(end of the world)...focus on the present

    i used to be a bad muslim too,i will not specify it here...

    you need to befriend the right person, read the right books(Quran or Hadiths) and most importantly BELIEVE IN YOURSELF...To repent is not easy but before you know it you will find that Allah will guide you on your path..Trust me...

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  • 1 decade ago

    you are dealing with islam like dealing with homework not interested? this would be obvious since you did not have time to stay closer and read about it also I SWARE that you donot have a good friends too and if so they never talk about islam as code for life just like a way you are moving in you must walk in with islam or without but with islam you win also the god created us to be merciful with us and to show that to us that he is THE MUST MERCIFUL not to have the pleasure of seeing us in hell so enjoy the life with some guides

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its not too late to change, you shouldn't waste your time in this world.

    This world is a test, so spend your time wisely, and follow the path of Islam. Maybe not this year, but next year your goal should be to fast the whole month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is a month that should not be wasted. This is the month where your good deeds get multiplied, and you get closer to Allah (SWT)

    "As for the disbelievers, whether thou warn them, or thou not warn them not, it is all one for them; they believe not"

    Surah Baqarah

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    after u burn in hell for however long allah wishes,

    u will enter heaven as far as i know.

    u have 2 pay for ur sinns mate.

    thats it.

    our religion is beautyfull. imnoit a perfect muslim either, but im trying to learn, and the more i learn, the more i want to learn. seriously. it captures u,

    its beautyfull.

    ive still 2 read the kuraan. but i read yasin, i try,

    i hope u realise how beautyfull islam is. we r lucky 2 b born muslim. embrace it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Sorry about that but seriously people like to think that they are God and that this is their decision to make GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Only Allah, who is the best of Judges, knows whom is going to Heaven and whom is going to Hell. Salam.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am interested in Islam, but i too don't focus too much...

    Hmm...why don't you read the Quran? Or go to islamic classes or to the local mosque with your family?

    Talk to them, that really helps :)

    And you can't just become interesting in islam because you want to go heaven..i mean you have to have beliefs and obey what Allah (swt) tells us to do... depends what your heart tells you to do sis :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    instead of worrying about that why don't you simply start to be a good muslim? and regarding your Q. me myself i think it will be something between them and Allah and what i'm sure of that Allah is just so don't go on thinking this way! worry about yourself first of all

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